Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My 2008

My 2008 was crazy, well lets call it a "crazy beautiful completely wonderful mess." haha. I'll go through the months and let you in on my life and what was going on during them of 08.

Jan-I brought in the New Years with the Ausbrook family, Wesley, Charli Beth and Lucas. I had been dating Wesley for a couple of months and we had fun night of movies, and kiddos playing. During this month I also started working for SPD as a dispatcher. Wesley and I took a trip to Gatlinburg at the end, it was the first time I had ever been "away" from Charli Beth.

Feb- Nothing Major happened. Spent Valentines Day with Charli, Wes and my Family. We all went and ate at the local Dumplins' where I believe EVERYONE in town was eating at. Our town experinced a deadly tornado on the 5th of this month, that impacted everyones life in some way.

Mar-Charli Beth had her first febrile seizure and we spent 4 days in the hospital trying to make sure it was nothing more serious all while thanking God for her. We got our first puppy Gunner that sadly passed away from parvo *sp* while Charli was in the hospital.

Apr- Charli Beth turned TWO!! We had a Hello Kitty party at Cedar Spring Fire Dept. and it was a blast. She got a kitten named "Diego" that soon...ran away =( Mom and I did our yearly booth at the Jacksonian Festival in town and it was a success!

May- Mom turned the big 4-0! Wes and I called it quits..and I attended DOCJT this month.

June- I came back home from DOCJT. A friend that I met at DOCJT Trey and I took Charli fishing for her first time at Lake Malone. She caught a blue gill!

July- We took Charli Beth to the Louisville Zoo to see the animals and DORA! She had a blast. We spent the 4th there and with kiki and Kaylen at the State Park watching the fireworks. Kiki and I had a Mommy's night out to see Chris Young at the Wild Horse in Nashville. I must say he as wonderful looking in person as anything else! Vacation Bible School at Clifton General Baptist was fun for Charli and I both!

Aug- I returned to DOCJT, again. Meeting some of the best people ever, and some of the worst I must mention. I started dating Aaron then. I also started attending East Willow with my Mother on Sundays. This is where I still go and plan to.

Sept- My 21st B-day! Spent the weekend in Nashville with my sister, old roomie from college and others! Charli and I took our first trip together to Richmond (yes, back to docjt) to see Aaron and others from Class 396 graduate. We attended Cow Days, in Greensburg and also the Apple festival in Liberty ( I think that is what was called) I started my blog in Sept. also!

Oct- Halloween came so fast this year. Charli Beth was an angel, a beautiful one I must say. We took Charli to Jacksons Orchard where she had a blast seeing all of the animals and picking out her pumpkins! I cant wait to do that again next year! We took our annual trip to Gatlinburg with the rest of the family and had a blast down there!

Nov- Thanksgiving was great...wait, I was at work? haha. Potty training boot camp was complete!!! She also had her 1st dentist apt! Aaron and I also broke up during this, I'm a hopeless romantic.

Dec- Work and more work. Christmas was fantastic, you guys already know how it went. Mom and I had our 1st in home primitive party, which worked out great!

I cant wait to see what the new year brings! I'll be working tomorrow night until 11 and then coming home to my daughter to kiss her at midnight! Hope everyone has a happy and very safe New Year

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Anonymous said...

It's a good thing one of us still has a memory...just wait til you hit the big 40 then you will have to start writting all that down so you can remember it. You have truly been blessed as I have to have Ashley, you and Charli Beth. Don't ever loose sight of your blessings. Enjoy and be thankful for every minute God gives you, time gets away from us so fast. You have a head start on being in control of your future follow the Lord and he will lead you to where you need to be.

I love you 3 bushels!! Momma

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