Friday, October 23, 2009

Jackson's Orchard

Yesterday after ballet practice we met up with Mark and headed over to Jackson's Orchard, which we all know is one of my favorite places! We knew heading there the hayrides and petting zoo would not be open since it was not a weekend but with my work schedule and the Halloween party tomorrow afternoon we decided to go ahead. Nevertheless Charli Beth had a blast on the slides and watching her come down them was worth battling two preschool classes and their parents for the fun ride down.

No, she wasn't very lady like coming down the slides in a skirt..what was I thinking making the wild child wear that thing? Ha!

After the battle of the slides with the kids she moved on to a smaller slide.

You would think that I was a horrible Momma for not catching her, but I was to busy taking pictures (as always)! Then she went to see how tall she is (not sure if every child is obsessed with how tall they are...but mine is!)
"I'm HOW tall?!"
and more playing...

We then took a break for a fried apple pie with ice cream, carmel sundae and a kiddy cone for Charli Beth. After that we picked out our pumpkin to carve then headed out. Maybe we'll be able to hit up the hayrides the last weekend of October. Our 2nd Halloween Party for the kids is tomorrow and we're excepting over 20 kiddos and their parents. I'm very excited, my Mom has put a lot of hard work into making this the best party possible so I better get to work on treats and taking balloons to be aired up!


Lea Liz said...

I love the last 2 pictures of Charli!!!!!!!!!!!!! Soo precious!!!!! She is such a cutie pie!!

At least her skirt was made like a skort:) I love her knee highs and that fried apple pie with ice cream sounds soo yummy!!

Hope the Halloween party goes good!!

Constant Family said...

I love the last two pictures. I was planning on coming on bringing the boys to the halloween party but we have a funeral at 2:00. I was really excited about it.

We are planning a trip to Jackson Orchard next week if the rain will hold off for awhile.

Have fun tommorow!


The Wife said...

She is so cute!! Love the bows!!

Elizabeth said...

i love her outfit! i plan on putting a dress on ella when we go on sunday. i wasn't even thinking about the slides and the playing she'd be doing......i was just thinking about photo opportunities:)

Stephanie said...

That is the coolest orchard...I have never seen slides like that at any orchard around here! Awesome pictures of her...and really who cares about her skirt..she had a wonderful time :)

Have fun at your party!

Annie said...

Oh that pics with her little legs crossed!!! TOOOO sweet...I love it. Looks like a fun day!

Kelly said...

What a princess! She is so adorable! Looks like fun had by all!

kace said...

She looks like she is having so much fun! And that outfit is precious :)

Priscila said...

Your little girl is just to cute for words!Congrats PAIGE!!! You won my Scottie dog Giveaway at Little Miss Heirlooms!!! I will be putting up a new giveaway tonight and you may enter that also!

Please send me your address at


Meant to be a mom said...

What a fun day. I'm glad you guys had a good time. Those pics are great. She's just adorable.

Jamie Lynn said...

Hi! I just found your blog and your little one is adorable! Cute pics from the pumpkin patch! Please stop by and say Hello!

Jacci said...

she is just sooo precious!! love that big bow!!

Becca said...

Charli Beth is too cute. I am just echoing (spelling?) what everyone else has said but she is! I especially love that picture of her on the bench. It shows her miss priss attitude, so cute!

♥Kim said...

Such a lady! Love the last too picutres.

Alicia W. said...

You always dress her so cute! I love it. What a fun place you guys went too.. they have all sorts of neat things to do and great picture props, lol. :) You know me.. always looking for that special location, lol.

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