Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thank a dispatcher

I meant to post on this last week but things have been so very difficult here lately that it totally slipped my mind.

April 11th-17th was dispatcher appreciation week.

This may mean nothing to you or your family, but it should. I have to admit that before I ever became a 911 telecommunications dispatcher it never once crossed my mind how much they do for the citizens do for their communities. Not tooting my own horn, but we are the "Silent Heroes" or the Unspoken ones if you must. Most people say the "first responders" are in the EMS fields, but that is very incorrect. The first responder to an emergency situation is the person who answers the phone whenever you frantically dial 911.

Dear Lord,
Give me healthy ears, for they are my link with those who need me. Keep my mind sharp and alert, my fingers quick and nimble. Grant that I never forget how to do ten things at once, and do them all equally well. Bless me with patience Lord. Patience to deal with the public, with the officers, with the firefighters, and with everyone else who makes me want to grit my teeth and yell. Give me nerves of steel; That I may listen to a mother screaming for her child to live, the man with a gun, the family watching their home go up in flames, or a request for backup or more equipment and not give way to panic. Grant me empathy, that I may help the caller in need, and not cause them more pain than they already have. God, give me the ability to learn what I need, to remember it quickly, and give me the wisdom to use the knowledge properly. Bless my family Lord, for they will have to make sacrifices to shift work, overtime, canceled plans and times when I just can't take on one more thing. Help them understand the missed ball games, school programs and dinners for two. Lord, give me courage. Courage to persevere when I feel undervalued, unappreciated, overworked and unrecognized. Courage to keep trying when I feel in my heart it's hopeless. Last of all Lord, help me to never forget why I chose this job in the first place, to never lose sight of what is important in the midst of the stress. Help me to remember that I make a difference; however small it may seem some days, and that I matter. I am a dispatcher, Lord, grant me peace.


Elizabeth said...

I didn't know it was Dispatcher's Week! Hope you enjoyed it!

Constant Family said...

Thank you for all that you do. I know putting up with the frantic/crazy people can be rough!

Sarah said...

I can't imagine all you deal with at your job. Thank you for all you do and for the way you help people!!

Gina said...

My friend's 11 year old son just found his father, dead, yesterday. He was all alone and called 911. I wonder if it was difficult for the dispatcher too. I think you guys are angels.

Anonymous said...

i can not imagine how you deal with all that and all you do!!!! You are one BRAVE woman! I like this post alot!!!!

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