Thursday, May 20, 2010

F21 & New hair!

We are heading to Florida Sunday night and I just realized that I had zero clothes to take with me although my' daughter has a closet full. So where is the cheapest place to find cute clothes?
We do have a Forever 21 at the mall in Bowling Green, although trying to fight through the mess of teenagers, clutter and no room for strollers I despise it with a passion. So since I love their clothes and not their mess, I decided that shopping online would for the best.

Here are my new goods:

Oh yeah, one of the straps are broke off but it can be fixed.

I love this top and it was only $10.50!
I actually couldn't help but to wear it today!
Skank, I know..but it's seriously cute!

My new love for comfy leggings started with a pair like these, so I bought another!
I also l.o.v.e this top! It's funky & cute!

I got this top to go w/ the leggings for a casual look.
I'm not very "stylish" but I am trying!
$9.80Hello love!
I love gawdy jewelry

I'm in a huge turquoise obsession right now!
I also got a pair in black too!

This is full of pinks and cream colored beads!
I t-totally lust it too!

There ya go peeps! =)

New hair:
Now my Dear child cannot whistle and yell "Hey girl with blond and black hair come here!"
& I promise that I am a happy person I just feel like a tween taking a pic of myself!


Ashley said...

Cute clothes, and I love the new hair.
I really need to do my before Kaidence can talk because I dont want her to whistle for her blond & black haired momma. lol!

Danielle said...

Love F21. Very cute stuff, and SO afforable.

Have a great vacation!


Lea Liz said...

Love all the new clothes!! I am going on sunday to get some for our trip because I have nothing...!!! haha...Have fun in FL!!

Love your new hair girl!!

Annie said...

Cute stuff...make me wanna do a little on-line shopping!!
The hair looks CUTE :)

Anonymous said...

your like me and spend all the extra money on the girlie and i just imagined her whistling LOL your hair was cute before i like it longer

Constant Family said...

Have fun on your trip!!

I have boys but their closet is full and I feel like I wear the same things over and over. I may have to check out forever 21 because you got a lot of cute things!!!

Erin said...

I need to go to forever 21!! I am in need of a dress and new clothes. Love everything you got

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Cute stuff, and the hair looks great!

Gina said...

Love the new 'do! And the second I fit into prepregnancy clothes, I am hitting up Forever 21! Can you believe I've never been in there?

Jessica said...

Cute hair! I love F21 too! Have fun on your trip!

Jenn said...

Cute hair! I so need my hair done right now. Also, I love Forever 21 and I much prefer it online as well:)

sara said...

What a cute haircut!

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