Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pageant Days

Charli Beth has been doing here and there pageants since she was 6 weeks old. Mostly she will do the fair, or the little festival pageants that our city or the nearby counties have and she seems to always love it!

I have been one of those Mom's to freak out and worry about what C.B. will wear, if she will do good on stage or if she will act like a little hell cat.
Now, I have came to the decision in the last year to ask her if she wants to do them. She likes to show off but sometimes you never know if she just wants to stay home and play. I quit asking her for a little while and we skipped several pageants because she is in an older category now and the other little girls are double her size. But now I think it's time to just let Char be own little sassy self.

She absolutely loves strutting her stuff but I have no idea where she got it from. I can not say that I am shy but I would rather keep what my Momma gave me to myself rather than be all sassy walking on stage. This is one of the million things that I love about her.

Charli also loves the fact that she may (or may not) get a trophy or a crown. We have tried to teach her that sometimes she may get one and sometimes there is just not enough to go around. Her doing pageants to us is not because we need someone to tell us that she is pretty, or prettier than another little girl because every little girl is beautiful, but this is just something that we have always had fun doing!

If it ever gets to the day that she becomes a little "toddler & tiaras" misfit girl we will be d.o.n.e for now I will let my girl strut and blow kisses for our redneck town =)

Christmas 2009

Highland Games 2009

Fair 2009

Austin Tracy Beach Babes 2006

Highland Games 2006
6 weeks old...crazy I know. So silly of me!

4th of July 2007

Fair 2007
Lil Miss A**** County!

Valentines 2007

Glasgow Highland Games 2007

BBQ Festival 2007

I just had to add this picture in because of the way that lady is looking at Charli Beth...
I would like to just knock it off of her! bahaha.
I'm playing I always look back and laugh at this picture!


Southern Belle Mama said...

She's just precious...I love all of her little dresses! You were in my town back in 07 when she was in the BBQ Fest. pageant...unless some other town has the same festival. Was it in NC?

Anonymous said...

Very Cute! I agree they are so fun and it is great experience for when she gets older! Good Luck!

Kelsey712 said...

very sweet :) I don't think pageants are bad for little girls but geeze some moms go crazy. That being said, I love toddlers and tiaras it makes me feel normal!

Laura said...

She is So Beautiful!!! I love to see smocked dressed babes! Payton used to wear those.. I wish I had some of those on my computer.. I think my mom might.. I will post one soon!

Alicia W. said...

Look at all her beautiful dresses! You have the right attitude about it, so she'll be just fine. :)

I made my blog private but would LOVE for you to be on the list of readers so if you can't access it, please email me your email and I'll add you to it. :)

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Meant to be a mom said...

Seriously she is such a doll. I love all these pageant pics.

Gina said...

I'm not a girly girl but these girly pictures are to die for!!!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

She is adorable! I kept thinking she was the same age as my daughter, but she must be older. I think your ticker may be wrong! ;)

Becca said...

She is such a doll in all those pretty smocked dresses! I love that last pic! I'm guessing that woman was NOT CB's greatest fan!

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