Saturday, March 12, 2011

Weekend Getaway in Chattanooga


Last weekend my boyfriend and I headed down to Chattanooga, TN to get away and explore a new(ish) city. We arrived hotel the Chattanoogan around 5 Friday afternoon. We absolutely adored the hotel and everything about it, minus their parking structure. We ate a place called Table 2 that night and I enjoyed the most delish steak (and probably the most expensive 6 oz), ever. Oh my word was it good. 5oh ate some kind of a duck breast and absolutely loved it. But I can not recommend it to anyone, because I thought I was going to d.i.e. while trying to get it down.
We pretty much were like the show Man VS. Food, except Man & Woman vs. Food. ha! We conquered that city and all of it's goodness.

On Saturday morning we ate at City Cafe Diner (I think that was the name, but you don't need to remember it anyhow) and it was awful. Worst omelets on the earth. I swear this post isn't a food review, but we just like food a lot?!?!

We walked around downtown Chattanooga after breakfast and stuffed ourselves full at Sticky Fingers. This is probably the best bbq place in America. I absolutely love stuffed potatoes with bbq in them, and I was so excited to see that they had them on the menu.It started raining extremely hard during the early afternoon so we decided that nothing would be better than taking a lazy day nap. We napped forever and then headed to Big River which was excellent as well.

Due to the rain on Saturday during the day and that night it was completely useless to try to do anything so we watched tv and got some awesome sleep.

Sunday morning after checking out of the our hotel it thankfully stopped raining and we were able to go to Lookout Mountain and Rock City. Even though it was completely freezing, I'm SO glad that we were able to accomplish this because we had a lot of fun walking around Rock City.

Before leaving Chattanooga we made sure to eat at one more new place. So we picked BlueWater Grill that is owned by the same people as Big River. I am not a fan of seafood, what-so-ever but went out on a limb and tried stuffed pasta shells w/ crabmeat, scallops, shrimp. To my surprise, it was delish!I am very certain that I gained ten pounds on this getaway.

This trip was more than necessary for us as a couple. I could write another book full of reasons why I love this guy and how he just fits so perfectly into my life, in so many different ways. I am extremely blessed to have him for CB and I to love. I am still as ecstatic as I was on day one of meeting him. Ah. =) I just love it.Lovers Leap


Kelly said...

Looks like you had a great time!!!Love all the pics:)

Annie said... sweet. I am so happy that you are so happy :)

Erin said...

I am so glad you had a great time! Love seeing you this happy :) Love all the pictures and your food reviews. I would not have even tried the duck so props to you on that one!

Kendra said...

This looks so fun! I am glad you both had a wonderful time together!

jenn said...

what a fun trip :o)

you both are adorable!!!

Todd and Courtney said...

Im glad you had fun here! You picked good places to eat. We are headed to Bluewater for our anniversary on Tuesday. Thats where we went the night we got engaged. Its so yummy!

Gina said...

You two are so cute together.

I've been known to take pics of food and post them on my blog too!

Ellen Grant said...

I love Chattanooga! We lived there right after we were married, and now were are only about an hour away. It's a great get-away!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

I'm glad you had a good time! That picture of Lovers Leap is so pretty!

Elizabeth said...

What a fun, fun trip...and seriously, y'all make just about the cutest couple I have ever seen! So happy for you! :)

Kelsey712 said...

it looks like you guys had a great time! I have been to Chattanooga a few times but mostly have heard from others that it is lots of fun!

Anonymous said...

What a fun little get away with your sweetie! I love food too so anythime we go anywhere it seems like I always talk about food!! lol

Anonymous said...

So glad you had a great weekend getaway with your LUV:)

Cute photos of you guys & that last photo of lovers leap (so cute) is amazingly gorgous!

Jessica said...

Man that food looks wonderful! Making me hungry!!!

Katy said...

wow what a beautiful place. You guys also make a cute couple, and the food looks AMAZING.
MUST not go to the fridge right now, hungry!

Kim said...

Look at all that yummy food!! Glad ya'll had a great "get-away"! Happy for ya'll!

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