Monday, March 19, 2012

Baby B's ER trip

Yesterday afternoon Bryar gave his Daddy and I a terrible scare that ended with a very late night ending at the ER. We were spending the afternoon together when B started crying out of the blue, and then stiffened up his body, turned very red and quivered all over. I know that some babies have really hard core attitudes and may do this occasionally but Baby Bryar is typically pretty calm, cool and collective by all means. The quivering could be seen by Curtis who was across the room. It was very scary but only lasted a few seconds. About 10 minutes later the same thing happened.

I personally just kind of shruged it off after I was finished freaking out of course and said it was due to a tummy ache. We then went next door after he took a short nap and realized that his hand and feet were purple. I mean verrry purple. When I would press my finger in on them it would take quite some time for the purple to come back from white. This obviously scared us all.

I then contacted his Dr's office and told them all of the crazy things that had happen in the last hour and she suggested us to go on the ER to have his heart checked. Uhm, what?!

After almost dying on the way there due to my Husband's driving We arrived at the ER and were immediately asked about heart murmurs. Which B did have a "innocent murmur" that corrected itself in the NICU. I told them that he had an ear infection almost 3 weeks ago and i was sure that he had another.

After monitoring and a chest xray we were relieved that nothing is out of the ordinary with his heart (Praise the Lord,) and could not advise if it was a seizure (I do not think it was. But that is just me.) although he did indeed have an ear infection. They did give him a shot to try to clear it up even more since the antiboitic must of not helped much last time. B was not a fan of that at all :( But today he seems a lot better, just extra sleepy! He won the hearts of several nurses with his sweet smiles and that big ole' widows peak he has going on. haha! They just loved it and could tell he looks just like his Pop!

We are still behind on his 4 month shots and check up but are heading there in the morning first thing. Hopefully we can still get them done with this infection.


Lollipops & Pig Tails said...

How scary!!!! Glad everything is okay, we'll besides the ear. We are on #7 ache!

Sarah said...

So sorry for the scariness! I'm so glad B is okay though!!!! Hope this is the last of the hospitals you have to see for a while!!!

Brian & Ashley said...

Oh, no! That's really scary. I'll be praying that the little guy stays healthy. He is such a cutie!

Lea Liz said...

So glad everything was okay with precious Bryar!!
I hate when our babies are sick and it is so scary especially when they are that small!!
Hope yall are doing good girl!!

Kaci said...

How very scary :( I hope that never happens again.

LAURA@laurasblondemoments said...

Oh girl I know you must have been worried sick, but I'm so glad he's okay! There's something about Bryars picture that looks like Charli Beth. Poor buddy and his ear infection. He's a trooper for going to the ER and getting hooked up and shots and all. I hope he feels better soon girl.

Nicole said...

I tagged you in a post; hope you can join in.

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

That would be scary! I'm glad he's okay!

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