Saturday, February 13, 2016

Big Chicken Day!

Chickens are such curious animals. They love been cooped up, but then love exploring all new environments that you place them in. In the last few weeks our chicks have grown from adorable to a new awkward stage that Charli Beth calls the "teenage stage." They've become a bit sassy and love to peck pretty well anything they can set their eyes on. 

Christmas Eve was such a beautiful day and the babies loved playing in the barnyard. I wish we could've just left them outside for the weekend. But they enjoyed the warmth of their trough through the cold nights. 

Miss Dolly is still the favorite around here. I also believe that they know she is, as she is always the first one in line for everything. She has grown so much but for a few weeks actually became the smallest chick within the clan. I became a little worried that she wasn't going to make it. But then thankfully Dr. Charli Beth helped mend her back to good health with a few "surgeries."

Bryar made her feel silly with the goofy faces that he is so famously known for. 

Yes, for some reason this hen is in my lap in the house. Which is absolutely crazy, even to my animal loving self. She was just in to give Curtis a good scare. He is hilariously scared of birds, so it's always fun for us to scare him any chance we get. 

Around six weeks we decided it was time to take the Roos to a new home. They were all growing so quickly and with bad weather soon coming, I wanted to be able to give them each enough space within their area as I could. A sweet friend of mine who loves animals, and homesteading welcomed these (hopeful) boys to her home. After much advice from BackYard Chicken, I loaded them up in the Guinea pig cage and headed off. Of course I had to hear about how much they miss their pig the entire way there. 

I'm not sure if Bryar's expressions or the fact that I had five Roos in my car was more funny at the time. At each stoplight I would look back to them all glaring at me with their, "where in the word are we heading" faces. It was quiet the adventure and we are so thankful for Angela taking five of them on. 

Yesterday after school dismissed, wehurried  home and decided it was time for the big move. Most of the twelve inches of snow has melted away and I was to the point of loosing my mind with them in the garage m.

 We had recently moved them into a dog kennel to have more space plus a roost, but with added cedar shavings it just wasn't working the best. They looked the extra space and the large stick to fly onto. But all in all, chickens are made for the outdoors. 

Of course during their move we had to take a photo shoot of the Queen herself. She honestly hasn't been wanting to be held lately so I was utterly surprised when she came in for a snuggle. She is just a beautiful hen. Charli's favorite thing with these chicks are guessing how they will continue to mature in the weeks to come. 

They have all grown so very much over the past five weeks of being home. I am guessing that they will lay their first eggs in April, just right in time for Charli's birthday! Until then... We will just feed, feed, feed them. 

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