Friday, June 10, 2016

The Strength of Love

It's 9:00 on a Friday night and I'm sitting in the worlds most uncomfortable hospital chair. Typically, I would complain or move to another seat but right now my site is too precious to be anywhere else. 

I remember days of sobbing because I wanted happiness for my Mom. I wanted her to find that person that we sang so loudly about in our truck to the Dixie Chicks. 
We're probably not the best at carrying a tune, but we all felt that person would come.. and we were right. 

My Mom has had the pleasure of loving a man who surprised her with a wedding on a beach in Florida with family surrounding. She loves a man, who jokes often and works harder than any person I had ever met. While their love story is still going strong, they're still blessing every person they encounter including myself. 

But tonight even though I'm mad at the world for cancer trying to take this man we all love so much. I can never recall a moment of love that is more beautiful and strong to the foundation as I look upon my Mom holding my Dad in bed cuddling him, just to solely give him peace. 

We may know moments of happiness in marriage. Or the fights that break us to our core. But even after five years of marriage to Curtis I cannot even begin to say, that I am half the spouse that my Morher is. Over the past two years, she has loved in a whole new demeanor. One that is selfless, strong, and as hard as she can. She has missed events, stayed up for countless days, cleaned up, prayed over and just simply loved the man that became our Prince Charming. 

While my heart is aching for my entire family, I cannot help but to also be blessed and touched by the love these two share. As we often share within parenthood that the, "days are long, but the years are short." I also am seeing this to be true in marriage as well. While we may not feel like we can even make it through the day sometimes because of an ignorant fight with a spouse, we must remember how precious our years are together. The battles may be fierce, but let your love be stronger than them. Never let a day go by, that you don't thank your loved ones and most of all without loving to your full potential. 

If there's anything in this life that my parents have taught me, it's how to love. I will never forget these looks of sadness across my Mother's face, or the selfless acts she continually shows. If there's anything in this life that my parents have taught me, it's how love as hard as possible. 

As my Dad likes to sing, "there will be peace in the valley," and even through our hurt we are praying for just that. Please pray along with us for our entire family,  and for the comfort of Jesus across my Parents. 


Shirley said...

This is a beautiful tribute to your mom and dad. They are always on my mind ain my prayers. Love and prayers to your family.

Anonymous said...

They'll be no sadness, no sorrow, peace in the valley.......prayers for peace that passes all understanding while you have to travel this journey.
What a beautiful love story, a lot of people married for many many decades never experience or witness such love.
Sounds like a real angel was among your family in this man you call Dad, and your Mom calls husband.
Debbie W

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