Saturday, April 11, 2009


Three years ago, my life changed in a way that I never thought it would. Not only was my child five days old, I lost my best friends this day. We had not been friends for years, spent every free second together. But whenever I was in need of a friend, she was there. I miss her laugh, her smile, and her all around positive energy that she always had. I'll never forget the way my heart sunk into the floor the moment that I was told there had been a wreck. I'll never forget that I was excited because my coach's husband and daughter were "coming to see Charli Beth" and then I was confused because my Mom pulled into the driveway. I'll never forget saying how weird it was that my Mom was there so early in the morning during the work day. My heart hurts still whenever I think about graduation, volleyball, or even the mall. I hate the fact that I am sitting in the room where the call first came in that there had been a wreck. Maybe I'm crazy? or maybe I just miss the only honest to goodness good friend that I had during school. I can only pray for my daughter to find such a wonderful friend like I did in Jamie.
Please keep her family in your prayers today.


I noticed how beautiful the sky was the other night, and then I realized it is because you're up there.

Sorry, that I have been a horrible "blogger" once again this week. Many of the dispatchers have taken vacation this month and lovely little part timer me, is covering for them. ** bring on that money baby =) ** Charli Beth's room is practically finished, we only need a few more items until the room is in perfect shape ....well at least in my eyes! lol. I am working 3rd shift tonight, and then I have class tomorrow during the day for auto extrication and then hopefully between sleeping and coming back into work I will be able to color eggs with Charli. Which is something that she really enjoyed last year.

OH and last night on my way to work from emt class, a red chevy s10 side swipped my car, mostly hitting the mirror. I immediately got into a turning lane so that I could get the liscense plate number of the vehicle incase they didnt stop, and get out of the roadway to assess the damage of my car. Thankfully I only have scratches on the outside of mirror but the vehicle slowed down, looked back at my car and took off. Thankfully the tag was right and the p.d. that I work for was able to stop the male driving. He was not arrested for leaving the scene of an accident, due to BGPD not wanting to go into my county to arrest him. I am able to get a warrant and if I do it is only to teach him a lesson, not because I am rude or any other. I feel like that humans with good morals are few and far to come by anymore. Ahh, some days I feel like I shouldn't even drive anymore. Hope you all have a great Saturday =)

I was wondering if anyone watched the video in my last post. I was wanting some feedback on it, and all. make my head big people ;o) haha!


Chris said...

I will pray for your freind's family! Have a great Easter!

Jamie said...

How, that is terrible about your friend. Crazy how life can change in the blink of on eye.
Her headstone is beautiful though.

I just went back and watched the video. When I first saw that post, I was at work, so I couldn't watch the it, and I forgot to go back. But it's great, I love the music you picked out to go with it.
Does she like watching herself on the computer? My daughter thinks she's famous or something. lol.

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