Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wordless Wednesday:Picture.

funny. beautiful.

Whenever I got to my aunts to pick up Charli Beth last night she told me that she had something on her her head, at first I thought she was just kidding around so I took a look for myself. I came to find that she has a spider bite on her neck at her hair line that was already scabbed over and her lymph node is swollen into a hard knot. I did take her to the ER in my town last night but I did not feel comfortable with the entire medical treatment. He gave us a prescription but said to no feel it for 7 days. What? Why even write it. Please don't get me wrong this doctor was exteremly nice and told Charli she was beautiful about 100 times but we waited in the lobby for over and hour and was seen for 5 mins if that. This is why i dispise ER's. We are headed to her pediatricen here in a few mins probably to get the same response but at least I will feel a bit better about the entire situation. The swelling in her lymph node has went down some, but it still a knot, and the scabbed seems to be bigger. The ER doctor did say it was for sure a spider bite that i looked inflammed and not infected. Once again, what? Thought that there had to be some sort of infection to be inflammed. I'm not a doctor by any means just a tired Momma that doesn't want her Char hurting, and this is hurting her from the way she talks. I told her it was a butterfly kiss and she practically looked at me like I was silly. She said it is way to scary to be a butterfly kiss because it hurts real bad. Love her heart. I'll update later on at the bottom of this post. Love ya'll and have a great Wednesday!

update: We did get to the doctor this morning and they checked her over pretty well and we got the antiboitics that I was hoping to get =) So we will be taking them and hoping that continues to heal!


♥..Kim said...

Yes I hate ER's myself! I will never take my son there again unless its serious! Now, for Charlie I hope she feels better soon, and hopefully you'll hear a different response at her doctor.

Serious Shopaholic said...

I hope she feels better soon! I would have gotten a second opinion too--our local ER isn't exactly known for instilling a sense of security! Can't wait to hear what the pediatrician says!

Bridget said...

thanks for stopping by my blog...your little charli is adorable! way to go mommy! I can't imagine being a single mom! you rock!

Ruggy13 said...

I'm new to your blog but you and your daughter are absolutely adorable! I'm glad the spider bite is getting better!!

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