Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Black Friday

Are you going "Black Friday" crazy this year?

Feel no shame if you are, because I will be right there with you staying up all night, standing in long lines, and getting my arm bitten off my some crazy old lady.
I work Thanksgiving until eleven at night so after that I will be rushing home to change clothes then heading out. My Mother, Sister, Best Friend and I will be heading down to TN to a outlet mall that open at Midnight. We always have so much fun there, it's not crazy choas shopping like Walmart, Target and Toys R Us will be. I have honestly never shopped those other stores in the extereme morning hours, so I have never experienced the "total choas" I guess you can say, but I will this year!
If you cannot tell, I am very excited! I hope to get all of Charli's presents bought on Friday, everyone else can wait (no offense to my family) but Santa only has so much money this year!
My Shopping Wish List:
Walmart- (BTW- Walmart will not be closing this year and re-opening at 5. The store will remain open & you can start checking those items out at 5. I think this is going to cause so many problems)
  • $5 - 10 pack hotwheels (yes, she plays with cars)
  • $9 - life size barbie
  • $59 -Tomtom -- I will try to score this for my sister since she has to work
  • $9 - preschool games
  • $3 - sleepwear
  • $4 - mixer
  • $13 - 5 qt. slow cooker

Target- Hates me & won't post their "true" ad until tomorrow or Thursday ?! Although if the ad at Blackfriday.info is correct they will have a Nikon cool pix 10 mp camera for $88! Yep, one of those babies will be mine.

Toys R Us - opens at Midnight & I haven't seen anything I just need from there. Maybe when their ad comes out I will find something.

So, what stores are you hitting up this year & what great deals have you seen?
It does seem like Walmart does have the best deals this year. But I'm just praying that Target has some seriously great sales since they are holding out with their ad.


Meant to be a mom said...

Good luck braving all the crazy shoppers out there. Your more tough than I am.
I can't get myself to go out on Black Friday. Unfortunately I'm impatient and would rather not wait in the lines. However I would love to get all the deals. But I get so mad at all the rude strangers out there. People are brutal. I get mad and end up saying something out loud knowing that the rude person can hear me. Thats never good!
Anyways good luck, enjoy and find lots of good stuff.

Also congrats on the picture winning on Kelly's page. That picture of Charli Beth is just adorable. I just love it. I for someone didn't realize it was Charlie when I first saw the contest. I'm glad she won. She's a doll.

Constant Family said...

I am going to do my black friday shopping online. I am after the computer from Wal Mart and I am going to start checking at midnight. I would much rather stay at home in my pjs than face all the crazies.

Congrats on winning the contest. That is the cutest pic.

By the way Chris Young will be at the Ag Expo Center on Dec. 11.

Brandi said...

I love Black Friday shopping but I am a little sad there isn't anything I am wanting this year.

Taylor said...

I just saw that Charli won the picture! Yay! That picture was just too funny! I was the go shopping on Black Friday so bad...I haven't been before so I may start this year!

Annie said...

you are NUTS! ha....I hope that you can get some deals though...

I just cant do it! TOO crazy for me. I will probably shop a bit, but will wait until after all of you crazies have went home to go to sleep :)

Have fun!!

p.s. Yay for Charli Beth winning the picture contest!!

*Kc* said...

I LOVE Black Friday shopping!! I'll be there t 5am!

not sure what all i'm getting except a TomTom for my husband. Good luck!

heather said...

Well Mike and I have been black Friday shopping yrs. past but as of right now we are not going to do it this year. It does get crazy though! we will do our shopping sometime, and Mike has already made a few late night trips to Wal-mart after work and bought some Christmas gifts for Alyssa. Hope you can find and get all you want.

Lea Liz said...

I have never went shoppin on Balck Friday I just don't think I could battle the crowds!! Hope ya get some good deals!!

Have a great thanksgiving girl!!

♥Aubrey said...

Have F.U.N. lady!!! I use to wake up at 3am and hit the lines waiting with my mom, but since i've moved away...i don't do that anymore :)-
It was CRAZY beyond words and the pushing and shoving i can really do without. Online shopping is now for me!!!

Heather said...

Yes, I went shopping but not real early cause I am just not a morning person! :) Hope you got those great deals and no old lady's were mean to you!

the tichenor family said...

Hey girl! It just dawned on me that I never heard from you regarding which Crayon Roll you'd like! You won my giveaway a few weeks ago. Here's the link to the etsy seller I am getting them from-- let me know your fabric choice via email: thetichenorfamily@gmail.com -- hope you had a happy Thanksgiving!!


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