Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fabulous Finds FRIDAY may be Saturday already but work has been a bit busy. Oh well

This is my adorable friend Emily's blog and let me just try tell you how stinkin' cute her quilts, purses and security blankets are! Emily and I went to high school together, and although we never knew each other very well, we should of been the best of friends because ...well just because I said so ;o) ha! I'm playing she is the sweetest thing ever and I really think that you all would be amazed at her work! She was recently contacted by 2 sisters out of Winchester, KY wanting to sell her items, {some of you may live close to that town "Dreaming Tree Studio"} . This store only sells handmade items, how neat is that? I am very excited for her and just wanted to share another great seller!

Here is the link to her etsy shop:

Also, Please say a prayer for Gavin Owens, three year old that is suffering from Mitochondrial disease. I should of posted a prayer request for this little angel several months ago whenever I first started reading about him, although I failed to do so I have been praying my heart out for him. The last blog update from earlier today that I read, his Mother Karen stated that they were going to take him off of the ventilator tonight whenever the family arrived and say their goodbyes. This little boy has been suffering for a such a long time and I pray that this family finds the peace that they are needing while Gavin is now pain free. I can never imagine the pain and guilt that his parents are feeling at this moment with having to a make a decision like this.

We have all heard about the Ft. Hood, TX shooting & now the shooting that has occurred in Orlando, FL. We need to be on our hands & knees praying for our country. What has happened? Such horrible and tragic events. If you work in Emergency Services or Law enforcement, you know that the worst time for Murder Suicides, domestics and murders is during Thanksgiving and Christmas. I hope that we do not continue to see awful events like this occurring in our nation.

speaking of domestics...back to work = /


Buffy said...

LIke the new look to your blog and thanks for sharing--Live. Laugh. Sew she is so talented! Love It! Have a good weekend!

Ashley said...

Hi, I am pretty certain you were follower 26, but since I can't be too sure, email me your address and I will get a bow in the mail to you within the next few weeks!!
Cute blog! And I special made that
Turkey dress set for a customer
Why did you erase your comment?:(

The Wife said...

My prayers are with all the families.

Emily Ann said...

Girl, you are wayyyyy too sweet! I'm so glad we've started talking a bit more thanks to the blog world! You are an amazing person and mother and just, like I said, wayyy too sweet!

When you want that quilt, you just let me know, you so deserve a sweet friend discount! :p

Becca said...

I like the new look! Very cute.

I just spent a good bit of time reading Gavin's story. It is sooo terribly sad and just breaks my heart. I hate reading things like that and I always run off to snuggle with my girls after!

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