Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Ever since I was a little girl, I have always loved Summer mostly because of the mysterious but beautiful glimpse that you catch of lightning bugs during the night. I love looking out towards the fields and seeing them filled with yellow specks.

This weekend Charli helped catch fireflies for the very first time. This is the girl that screams, runs and cringes at the thought or sight of any bug. It's simply hilarious but I love watching her get scared of them (Bad Mommy, I know!)

There he goes with his fake smile again!
I didn't even know my Mom took this picture *thanks Mom*

Haha, we both look grossed out.
But I promise that I am not!
This comes from the girl that put a dead copperhead in our kitchen garbage whenever I was child.
My Mom about died.

Miss Mischievous

I promise that my child is not always wearing crazy funky clothes and that I do brush her hair! She loves to dress herself up and hey she is 4 so why not let her do it? Also, the temperature in Kentucky has been hot as hello lately, so C.B.'s curly hair goes POW! and frizzes up everywhere.


Southern Belle Mama said...

I loved catching lightning bugs as a kid! These are great pictures of you guys!!

Jessica said...

Lightning bugs & honey suckles remind me so much of summer when I was little. Nothing better than that! I need to go catch some with Riley but the mosquitos are so dang bad here!

Kelsey712 said...

I love lightning bugs... I think they are definitely an unofficial sign of summer :)

Hope you guys are doing well!

J and A said...

That looks liek so much fun, I wsh we had fire flies! She is adorable! :)

Alicia W. said...

We never see those around our neck of the woods anymore. I bet that was so much fun!


how fun!!! no need for the disclaimer...she looks adorable!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

My kids love to catch fireflies!
Charli is so cute. I think she's around Lexie's age, but she looks so much older than her!

Anonymous said...

Catching fieflies in the summer is the best!! I loved doing ths as a child. We would make neclaces from their little lites. Now my daughters catches them, uses them for a nite light, then lets go in the moring. Yes one morning my youngest let them lose in the house!! I am a momma who has to kill snacks sometimes, country girl hear, so a few fireflies in the house no worries. I love following your blog!!
PS I love how your daughter dresses!!

RN Mama said...

Such sweet pictures! My daughters caught fire flies for the first time a few weeks ago, and they had so much fun! Have a great holiday weekend!

Anonymous said...

They are green specks by the way!!!

Michelle said...

We do have a very similar blog design. It looks like we used the same designer. Great minds think alike ;-)

My kids love lightning bugs. They will spend forever try to catch them and just squeal with delight. We have only been in Maryland for 15 months and Colorado doesn't have lightning bugs so they are also new to them.

Erin said...

alex never lets me brush her hair,she is getting a lot better but IT DRIVES ME CRAZY.. I can't wait to help Alex catch fireflies HOW FUN :)

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