Thursday, September 2, 2010

Kiss it.

This has been one of the most frustrating weeks or times that I have ever had to experience. I do not want to complain to much because there is a family that is dealing with so much more than I could ever imagine.

If you follow me on twitter you may have noticed or be horribly sick of listening to me whine and cry about my gallbladder issues. But seriously girls, it's awful. I love me some food and every single time I eat I am sick and have horrible abdominal pains. I have had an ultrasound and a hida scan done along with blood work after blood work, I also will be having an upper GI scope ran next Thursday. I assume that this is just going to be a long process of pain.

I also started college this week and that is a entire new experience but so far as good!

Yesterday a four year old child was killed in a motor vehicle accident. I cannot and will not go into details but just pray for this family. It breaks my heart for them. I simply cannot imagine this type of pain. I also ask that you pray for all of us (no matter if we are just taking the phone calls. It's still simply hard.), EMS, and officers that were working yesterday. We never have to deal with death of children in our county so you can only imagine how this went over.

I am in no way worried about this, but I need to vent:

Have you ever heard of the website called Topix? If you have then you know it's filled with a complete bunch of who-ha! Someone is on there bashing about how horrible of a dispatcher I am because of a certain call they heard on their scanner at home. Let me first say that I do not read anything on this website and only have this one time because an officer congratulated me for making it on there? Wow, like that is some kind of an achievement. They say that I talk to much, I would fold like a piece of paper if something major ever happened in our county, I bake cookies, I am a smart @$ and etc.

Well let me just go ahead and get this off my chest.

- I cannot even bake cookies whenever I am at home, because they burn, haha. But we do not have a kitchen in our dispatch center to where I can cook, bake or burn anything.

-Do you remember the floods in May? Yeah, I worked them by myself. I called every single person on that half of my county to see if they needed to be evacuated. I was also here from 10 that night until 2 pm the next afternoon..then came back in at ten to work another shift by myself. So I am pretty sure that I can handle serious calls.

-Remember that tornado back a few years ago that killed 4 people in our county? Yeah I was here for that too.

-I like how some of you are saying that I am a smart @$$ because thanks to people like you (trash) I am. Don't like that about me? Then don't speak to me. Please, I beg you not too. But then again, idiots are my job security.

-Do I talk about what happens at my job? Maybe so. Do I speak of names, times, places or any other. Negative. So there for I am not breaking confidentiality by any means. My supervisor sees everything that I talk about on the internet because he also stays on Facebook and supports me 100% as well as the Mayor. (Usually I have a comment like "Dear Full Moon, I hate you because you make my county crazy" Or something to that sort.)

-An officers wife is saying that I am polite but I cannot do my job. Well sweetie, come on up here and do it for me. I will be glad to take the night off.

-Do you all have to work every single weekend and switch from 2nd to 3rd shift every week on very little pay? Yeah maybe but I doubt it because the people that sit on that site do not work. Their job is to sit and talk smack about the good people.

I am not upset but the people on that website can just kiss it for all I care.

Because what really matters is that I keep you, my officers and ems safe.


BlessedMama said...

Seriously do not worry about them. It's not worth your time or effort.
Praying for you all!

Gary said...

For what it's worth, I had my gallbladder taken out 7 or 8 years ago after suffering with problems with it for years. The surgery was truly no big deal, was done orthoscopically, so there's virtually no scar, I took it easy for one day post-op and was moving about (including bending over) just fine a day later. If I'd known how easy it was, I would've had it done years earlier. My thoughts are with you. (I'm an ex-dispatcher myself - alon with being an ex-cop, an ex-fire officer, ex-EMT, ex-Comm Center Director, ex-Emergency Manager, etc. ad nauseum...) garytx on Twitter...

Anonymous said...

I like a girl with a heart, confidence and a backbone! Kudos to you for being on the other end of the phone when emergencies arise.

Ginger said...

I will be praying for you. Several ladies at Church recently have had gallbladders removed. I know they were in so much pain. Thinking of you! God bless you for what you do everyday helping others. It takes a special person. I have a real heart for fire,ems, and etc. My hubby used to be a volunteer fireman and we were very involved in serving in the fire dept. Anyway hope you feel better soon! Hope you get some time off for the long weekend. Take care!

Erin said...

Paige, that's just awful! That Topix site can be so ridiculous! Don't even worry about it!! :)

Kelly said...

Don't worry about what other people say, I give you kudos for you doing your job, I know i never could. Don't listen to other people 'opinions', that is all they are...nothing more!

Laura said...

Let me just start out by saying... WOW! Dispatchers are amazing people and your job is very hard and rewarding. I have interacted with many dispatchers over the phone ( when my grandparents were alive) and they were always amazing!

I am sorry to hear that you are having problems with your gallbladder. I am praying for complete healing for you :)

I had never heard of topix before and OMG! What non-sense! I am sorry that you are dealing with al of this and you are starting school!


Erin said...

They sure can kiss it. Don't listen to them. We all know you do an amazing job with everything you take on. I trust in you and know if I lived in your town you would keep me safe :)

Stay strong hun!

Annie said...

I am so sorry that you have had such a rough week. ALL at once, huh? Poor thing. I have told you om twitter...but my hubby had issues with his gall bladder too and couldnt eat ANYTHING without getting sick. He had it removed and is much better now. BUT, who knows if that is the problem you are having?!!? I hope that they figure it out soon.
I have never heard of that Topix website....but it sounds terrible!! I give you props for not letting it get to you. I dont know who could do your are amazing and I look up to you for being so strong!!

Gina said...

Good for you for sticking up for yourself, and well-done! I think you are awesome and haters are just jealous!

Becca said...

Well... that is just terrible!

FIRST OFF- Those people are idiots. Nothing more to say about that.

SECOND- I hope and pray that they are able to find some answers for you soon. I know you love some food so you need to get better quickly!

THIRD- That poor family is in my thoughts and prayers as well as on the others that were affected.

Amy@OCD: Obsessive Creative Disorder said...

I was just lazily tending to my blog and saw your comment from a while back on a what i wore wednesday and had to visit! Don't worry about whining or venting- the blogs are ours and we are all human- it happens! Secondly, I hope your gallbladder issues get solved soon! I had to undergo tons of tests and blood work when I was puking for three months straight... it's not fun to be sick and have people not be able to fix it! Chin up! Glad I visited and thanks for visiting me!

Anonymous said...

You have nothing to explain. Anyone who listens to you knows you are doing your job. I just wished we could stop people from talking. I found that site by mistake and read something else that just amazed me that people have nothing better to do.

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