Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dr. Seuss Story time

This morning Charli Beth and I headed to the Target in Bowling Green for their Dr. Seuss story time in honor of Dr. Seuss' birthday that is coming up! I really felt silly taking Charli to something that I had made sound like so much fun with no one else being there! haha. Just my luck! Then after two books the kiddos finally started piling in.
After I have no idea how many books because I was about to loose my mind, the children started getting antsy but Charli B was doing fairly well until we seen other families leaving then I knew it was our time to escape too. They handed out Target lunch sacks filled with snacks and coloring pages, which really helped a lot of the kids sit still (including mine!)

We also got to meet a lovely blogger Morgan that thankfully recognized us whenever she came in! Her and her little boy are super adorable and SO incredibly sweet! I am so happy that she went out of her way to say hello! I absolutely LOVE meeting new people, and especially if they are bloggers that I feel like I already know so well! You guys should go by Morgan's blog and leave her some love!
After we bought a few books at Target we headed to Chick-Fil-A because I was a horrible Mommy and didn't fix breakfast. What can I say though, CB and I like our sleep!?! CB always makes such cute friends at Chick-Fil-A although she is absolutely horrible about eating their food, unless it's the fruit cup. I swear my kid is anti-fast food. Which is a wonderful thing but she is always asking to go there, so whats a Mom to do?!
We ended up going to the store from Hell{o} (A.K.A. Walmart) to get some groceries and I decided to let CB get the movie Rapunzel since it was on sale. Whenever I left to come into work this afternoon, she had a receiving blanket clipped to her hair saying "Hello, I've let my hair down for you!" and was walking around in high heels. Oh me....what a handful of girliness we deal with =)


Lollipops & Pig Tails said...

What a cute dress!!

Jillian said...

So fun:) love her outfit:)

Erica @ All About Aleigha said...

How cute. Love her outfit! She's precious.

Kelly said...

What a cute outfit:)

Erin said...

Look at her outfit.. super cute and funky! I bet story time was good!

Tawni716 said...

Hi! My name is Tawnya & I found your blog through my friend Erika's at Flip Flops & Sippy Cups. Your post title caught my eye, because I took my daughter, Payton, to see the Dr. Seuss storytime @ Target as well! And I'd have to agree by saying it wasn't what I thought it would be! LoL I was expecting much more! Anyway, your daughter is soooo adorable! I'm sure she enjoyed it better than mine, Payton is only 18 months and can't sit still like the older kids yet.

McKeever said...

Too cute!! Where do you get her outfits made from?

The Wallace Family said...

In LOVE with her outfit so stinkin cute!! Kendall and I went to Target for the Dr. Seuss story time! She sat so nicely, but I am sure she will enjoy it much more when she gets older haha!!

Anonymous said...

Glad she's enjoying her movie! Walmart is so crazy! If I had more spare time I could entertain myself just people watching in there! lol

Jessica said...

Oh so precious!!! I've been wanting to take Riley to storytime but I just don't know how he'll do with sitting there very long & having to be still!!

Morgan said...

Paige, it was so nice meeting you and Charli. Hope see each other soon!

Kim said...

Love her outfit... ADORABLE!!! I can't believe CB doesn't like Chick-fil-A, Do what?!? Ha! Glad she enjoyed story time.

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

That dress is so cute! It looks like a fun event!

Becca said...

Her outfit is cute! I thought about taking the girls to the Target storytime but I would have had to drive at least 30 minutes to go there so we skipped it! WalMart is such a terrible place to be in the town next to us but I actually LOVE ours! There's not that many people in it! I preordered Tangled for Autumn for Easter. She is crazy about Rapunzel! We got the tower and she is attached to that thing at all times!

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