Monday, February 14, 2011

Our 1st & 5th Valentines Day!

I have never been a girl to make Valentines day a huge deal, although yesterday I must admit that was pretty amazing. My parents were always wonderful about sending flowers to school and giving us candies at home to make our day feel special. So I guess it's in my blood to do the same with Charli Beth. Although, we were not allowed to send special treats for our children to the school. I let her open her gifts before we headed out yesterday morning and then took her a rose whenever we picked her up. She was the sweetest little thing, ever.

She also received a bear, a card and stickers from her Pa & a bear from 5oh!
She wore her Valentines outfit from the photo-shoot which was made by Sew Much Love Designs.We stayed the weekend at 5oh's house since he was working third shift and I was off, but we had plans that kept us busy in his town. We went to the rodeo on Saturday night and whenever we came home, he had to leave straight for work.

I wanted to give him his "surprise" because I had been telling him that I had one for a week or so. {I honestly hadn't planned for it to be a Valentines gift, it just fell that way.} So whenever he came to his house for "lunch" I went ahead and gave it to him. I wasn't expecting to receive such a beautiful necklace in return. I'm pretty sure that it stomped all over my corny gift to him! ha!

We honestly spent Valentines day napping because I have an awful cold and having lunch at the local Mexican restaurant in my town so we could pick CB up from school on time.

I had to come into work yesterday afternoon and was surprised with flowers! I am t-totally in love with the fact that he remembered how much I hate roses. I thought they were cute and very spring like! co-worker told me they were very pretty and look just like the flowers that were in her daughter in laws casket.
I had no words to say to that! hahaha.

After I left work last night, I drove to his house and baked valentines cookies and watched a movie. Even though I felt bad I wouldn't have had it any other way. He truly is amazing.After I came to work yesterday, CB surprised me with a cute cupcake from Gigi's. these things are delish!
She also had the prettiest flowers and card set out for me yesterday morning as well - I failed to get a photo though!
This is the photobook that I made 5oh for his surprise! I don't mind for anyone to take a look at it, I would just follow the instructions that I posted below!

Click here to view this photo book larger

If you plan to view the photo book, click the link to view it larger. Then go to full screen view and then the single page view icon (which is the icon that is a single square.) Some of the "reasons" are very hard to read so I'll list them =)

*The way you love me
*Your smile
*Your blue eyes
*The butterflies that I get whenever you kiss me
*The love that you have for Charli Beth & the way you are with her
*The determination that you have, in everything you do
*Your dorky laugh whenever you act goofy
*How you hold my hand whenever you're driving
*The smile you had on your face the night that Charli told you that she loves you
*How you never gave up on us
*How you look up to your Father, and admire your Mother
*Your temper; how protective you are of your loved ones
*Your obsession for Gus McCrae
*How particular you are about your uniform
*Your love for gunner man.
*When you sing while you're driving
*How excited you & Gunner get about "catching the bad guys"; the love you have for your career

There is a letter at the end of it that you can read if you want. It's sappy and corny, but hey that's how love goes right?!

Thank you to everyone whether it was my family, boyfriend, blog friend or friendly passer by that made my Valentines day as special as it was for CB and I both!


Sarah said...

So happy you had such a great Valentine's Day. Looks like you were well taken care of! :) Charli Beth's outfit is super cute.
The book you made is really sweet. Those are some great pictures!

Kendra said...

awe, the photobook is so precious. Also, is that a french bulldog.?! Very exciting if it is. Also I have a necklace sort of like that from Kay's also except on of the hearts is pink. ive had it for years and it still is beautiful. Kay's is a wonderful company. I hope you enjoy it.

Perfectly Imperfect said...

the photo book is so precious! i'm glad you had such a good day with your loves. you don't need elaborate plans to show someone just how much you care :)

Elizabeth said...

What a sweet gift you gave 5oh. He will cherish that always. So glad you and CB had a wonderful Love day...the necklace is beautiful!

Jessica said...

What a cute gift idea! You go sexy Mama in those pictures! So pretty!

Rosie said...

This is such a sweet Valentine's! I am all about photo books. Aren't they the best gift ever? And that cupcake looks amazing!

Danielle said...

What an amazing day you had! It sounds like you've found a keeper (:

Kelli said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Valentine's day!! Hope you are feeling better soon!

Kelli @

Cassie said...

Great picture book! So happy you had a great day!

Becca said...

The photobook was such a good idea! How cute! AND what a beautiful necklace he got you! So glad you all had such a great Valentines day!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you all had agreat v day!

AndreaLeigh said...

love the photo book! you look stunning. what a great idea!

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