Monday, September 19, 2011

Charli Beth Update

Oh my fiestly, silly, smart five year old girl is the sweetest thing ever. She has not been getting her millions of blog post lately because well to put it simple, I just have not been blogging that much. But so much has changed with this girly, as she likes to put it, she has...matured. Ha! She has gotten taller, is learning so many different sight words in her Kindergarten class, learning what it takes to be a big sister as well as a big cousin (She has her work cut out for her!) and so many other things.

She has been very loving towards Bryar lately and says the sweetest prayers for him at bed time. Her favorite thing to do lately seems to be giving my belly kisses and then screaming that he kicked her. Oh let the fun begin ;) haha! I am crossing my fingers that this excitement of his arrival continues.

Each week they send home a assessment test that they go over with each student to see where they are within their letters as well as some sight words they have been working on. Charli has been doing wonderful on all letters (Y gets a little tricky for her sometimes) but she can recongize the following words, Dad, Mom, I, Little (can spell Little), Am, Dog, Cat.

Each night for homework, she must read a short book to me that they have went over in class. She does exteremly wonderful on these books! Last week, her Teacher sent home a book that was tough! It had two line senstences (example: "Ned, sits at the table playing with three red blocks.") Kidding me right? I thought that it was a mistake and after working with CB sounding words out, I could tell that she just was not ready for this advancement. I sent a letter to Mrs. G explaining to her the frustation that CB felt from this book and I was not sure that she was ready for a book this tough. In return I recieved a letter back apologizing to Charli and I saying that CB had been doing such a wonderful job reading lately that they wanted to advance her. Opps! Mom fail. I felt terrible about my note and wanted to send back an apology. =/ It's not that I do not think that Charli can read at this level, I just believe that she needs the extra help before taking on to much. Hopefully, I did the right thing.

CB has been attending church with her Mimi and Aunt Amanda on Wednesday nights. At first I think that she was a little sketchy about things, only due to the fact that we come from a very small church. But since she has begun her class, she seems to absolutely love it. I truly think that the older that she gets the more excited to learn about the Lord that she is. She loves hearing about "Daniel in the Lions Den" whenever we read it at night.

Her favorite book is:

If you have a little girl that adores horses as well as a princess story, this book is a must buy! We have recently just quit reading it to Charli every single night. It was to the point where she was remembering the book and reading it to us. But we love it besides the fact that Plumpkin and Bun Bun are so mean to sweet Ponyella!

Since we have no idea when Bryar will arrive, we are hoping to ask my Dr tomorrow if it is okay to take Charli to see the Lion King for at least one more outing with her for a special day. But of course if Dr. G does not "okay" it then it will be a Daddy/Daughter date!!


Anonymous said...

she's beautiful and you are a great mommy!

Jessica said...

I love that she says she has "matured" :) What a stinker! I know she is excited to be a big sister!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope your feelng good. That book looks so cute! I know my Lillian would love it. Hope you get to have one last family date together..

Kim said...

So glad Ro her she's doing so well in school!! Keep it up C.B! :)

Love that pic of her giving baby boy a hug.

Lexie Loo, Little Lily, and Dylan Too! said...

I'm glad she's doing so well! She's going to be a great big sister!

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