Thursday, February 9, 2012

Crazy with a capital C

I have never realized how much a baby changes things within a couple. I guess for starters being that I never experienced this with Charli Beth, it is such a new thing to me as well as it is to Curtis. I never realized that being so tired but not actually realizing that you are tired can make you crazy grumpy. Trust me. Because I am and have been crazy (with a capital C that is) lately.

I never really thought about all of the struggles that you go through with money or small spats that come out of stress. I just thought it was simply because you did not love someone, because that is all that I have ever known. But now I see the other side of this. I see this man that I love so very deeply and always will, but we face mountains each day of things that are new to us. We sometimes do not know how to deal with them and sometimes we must agree to disagree. Although, we are two of the most hard headed, stubborn people in the world we seem to always make it through to the next day and for that I am so very grateful.

There is nothing in this world that I want more than to be the best Wife and Mommy as possible. We all know that we are not perfect, and that we all fail especially in the beginning of new things. I may not be a "new Mommy" but I am a new Mommy of two, and I am most definetely a new Wife. So lets be honest, I am getting my tail whipped and feel as if I am sinking most days rather than keeping my head above the water. But I want to do better and I must do better, not only for me but for my husband and children as well.

I have had such inspiring words from family and friends that time together is a must. Yes, I am meaning date nights! I have been such a baby hog and the thought of leaving Bryar whenever he can just be with me makes me feel a little nutty but I see that it is something that I need to do. I need time wether is for a few hours or for an afternoon to focus on my husband and give my husband the attention that he needs, and that we both deserve. It seems that so many of us get such few date nights.

So my question is; When you and your husband finally get a night/afternoon out what are your favorite things to do?!


Candice said...

Date nights...oh so important! We go out alone once a month. For a long time, we went on double dates for date night. Eventually we realized it is much better for us to go out alone. Otherwise the girls end up chatting while the guys chat, and we don't spend time with EACHOTHER. I think it's fun to do something different. We usually start with dinner and do an activity after. The last 2 date nights were playing pool and going to Dave & Busters. I don't like going to the movies becasue we can watch TV at home. Oh, and make sure to keep the, uh, romance alive!

Jess said...

Date nights are a MUST in our house, we need them for our sanity! I think it's something every couple needs, but especially when you throw a crazy law enforcement schedule in to the mix it's something you have to have! We usually do dinner and a movie, but sometimes we go out shopping or out for all depends!

Burtons Blessings said...

I can SO relate! I feel as if becoming a mom of 2 is way more overwhelming than being a first time mom! And I'm 6 months into it!
I can't say that my husband and I make time for each other either. I really want to make it a priority, its just so hard! He travels so much during the week and wants to stay home on the weekends, where I'm the complete opposite! We are working on it though! Good Luck!

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