Friday, October 19, 2012

Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due.

Lets just say that I am a terrible Wife, like the type that fusses a whole lot and throws little fits because I never get to sleep in or go off with my friends. I will admit to it, and it is an ugly fault that I hold. But I do not keep it a secret, if I am mad at my Husband the whole world is probably going to see it. Not because I air out our dirty laundry, only due to the fact that I sadly wear my heart on my sleeve. I always have, and it seems to be a thing that runs in my family so I probably always will - Sorry babe, there just isn't any hope for me.

My husband does not randomly take photos giving a thumbs up. This picture was taken for "Thumbs up for Lane" to support a little boy from Kentucky who had cancer. That precious boy passed away at the beginning of this week.

But no matter how mad I get at my hot headed, talks to his best buddy before he goes to sleep, cannot seem to put his uniforms up Husband, I love him. He makes me laugh when I am mad, and that makes me even more furious - stupid I know, but let a girl be mad. When I am laying in bed tweeing pouting about how I wish I could sleep, and I hear him on the phone laughing, I cannot help but to giggle too.

I never feel like I give Curtis the credit that he very much so deserves. I am more proud of this man today, than I ever dreamed of being. His accomplishments at work and with our family are outstanding.

The love that he has for Gunner and the kids, makes me swoon.
I cannot lie, watching him play with the babies makes my heart skip a beat.

 I may not be the wife that I wish that I was some days but there is never a day that goes by that I am not thankful that God Gave Me You. I am blessed to have you as my husband, my best friend and my support system.

You are truly more than I deserve and I am thankful that you picked me to fuss at you for the rest of your life ;)


Becca said...

I love this post. Mainly because I can relate to it so well. My hubby drives me completely up the wall as he is the type that will throw his dirty clothes RIGHT in front of the laundry basket instead of in it, falls asleep on the couch just minutes before it's time to put the girls to bed, and so on. But like you said, I can be SO mad at him and then he will make me laugh the very next second. I don't give him the credit he deserves nearly as much as I should as well.

I'm pretty sure we scored two awesome men. We just might need to be reminded of that every now and then. :)

Lacy said...

I think we all at one time or another (or even daily) think we need to be a better spouse to our husband/wife. As long as you are doing your best I think really that's all that matters.

You are so blessed to have such a wonderful hard working husband. :) I love reading about your little family.

Jess said...

Seriously, what is it with police officers and not being able to put up their uniforms?! I know I fuss about that all the time to my hubby, I mean how hard is it to hang it up or put it in the laundry?!

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