Monday, May 6, 2013

Old Wives Tales

Since I am from the south I have heard "Old Wives Tales" all of my life. I pretty much have a huge love for them. I love hearing elders saying that you better not do a certain thing because something bad could happen. They truly make me giggle and I may even roll my eyes at them at times. But it's my love for all things southern, that makes me love them too.

A few of that I have heard all of my life are:

-"If you are pregnant and go a funeral home to not touch anything because something bad could happen to your baby." I know it's the silliest thing, ever. But I have never went to the funeral home while pregnant, and plan to not challenge this one.

-"If you dream someone dies, someone is pregnant." The night before Curtis and I found out we were expecting, we both dreamed of someone killing themselves.

-"If you dream someone gives birth, someone dies."

-"If your nose is itching, someone is coming to visit you. If your palm is itchy you will win the lottery, but if you scratch it the money will go away." Maybe my palm will get itchy soon.

-"If you crack an egg with a double yolk you will have twins!"

-"A cat can take a baby's breath away."

-"A baby must fall from a couch/bed before their first birthday, to have a long healthy life." I have accomplished this with both kids.

-"A bird in your house is a sign of death coming." Not true. Charli and I were chased by a bird in the house after leaving a window open when she was a toddler.

I know that some of them are ridiculous. There are so many more out there that I may have forgotten. What are some of the tall tales that you have heard of? Do you believe in them?


HickChickBritt said...

Haha I haven't heard of a lot of those. If your ears are ringing someone is talking about you. You will catch a cold by going outside with wet hair. I can't really think of a lot but I know I have heard a bunch over the years!

Emily (Louisiana Bride) said...

I never heard of the dream of death/birth one. I actually dreamed that a good friend (who we didn't know was trying) was pregnant and gave birth to a blonde haired blue eyed boy. A week later she announced it, after I told her brother my dream. And she had a boy, who looked very much like the one in my dream. I have dreamed about someone dying to wake up and find out they are dead though too. Creepy.

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