Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween - 101 Dalmatian Style

This year we participated in several Halloween events. We knew the weather for Halloween night was going to be crummy, as they were calling for high winds and lots of rain. Thankfully, there were several activities that the kids were able to take part in. 

The first dress up event we attended was Heroes Trunk or Treat at one of the local hospitals. Curtis was there set up for his department, handing out candy as were firemen, air evac, EMS, state police am more. The kids loved seeing everyone parade around in the costumes. But most of all, Charli enjoyed showing off that Gunner is her "big brother."

On Wednesday night, Charli Beth attended a Harvest fest with church. She had to attend this event without her Dalmatian. Sadly, he was sick running a high fever. So we stayed home while Ms. Cruella went off to play games and spend time with Mimi. She looked so cute and the sassiness was in full effect. 

I just love her costume. We actually had to throw this together ourselves because they do not make Cruella for kids. Obviously, the wig and gloves came from amazon. The dress we already had as well as the rights, and shoes were from last years Dorothy costume. The red hair clip was only $1.99 at Hobby Lobby. I purchased the Dalmatian fabric from Hancock's for $6.99 and Mimi made the bag and shaw. Didn't she do a fabulous job? Charli just loved it all! 

I love to dress up with the kids but skipped out last year for Bryar's first. It's so much fun and they both really enjoy it. I gave Charli the option of me being the puppy nanny or one of the dog catchers to go along with our 101 Dalmatian theme. 

She picked the dog catcher. My outfit consisted of a $3.99 hat from Hobby lobby, a $3 work shirt from Goodwill and then I painted a "no dog" sign on a white shirt I had. We actually did not think Curtis would be able to get off for Halloween so I did not make him a costume. Then to our luck, he had the night off. 

The weather forecast for Halloween was absolutely correct. It was such a nasty day and even though he felt decent, Bryar still had a fever that would spike even with medicine. So we decided to visit family only, and not do typical trick or treating. 

Aren't they adorable? I just love this little pair. 

After we snapped photos we ate and fellowships with family until I noticed how hot Bryar was. Soon after giving him his medicine he vomited and it was time to call it a night. I felt so bad to cut Charli's fun short as she was having a dance party with her cousin Trace. But she was so good an understood that he had to take care of "Lucky the puppy." 

I know that a lot of people love Halloween and some do not celebrate. But I am one of the lovers. It's such a fun event for kids to dress up and use their imagination. We have only a few dress up trick  or treating nights with our kids before they run off to toilet paper trees with friends, so I love to make the best of it. I hope next year the weather is a million times better, my littlest love is healthy and we can trick or treat! 


emily said...

What a cute dalmatian and Cruella! I love that you dressed up as a dog!

Brian & Ashley said...

Love the costumes! Looked like a great time!

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam, and Dylan Too! said...

They looked so cute!

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