Sunday, January 4, 2015

Love Loud or Love Quiet, Pick One.

Today as I read through the comments of how citizens are calling NYPD officers, "babies" "disrespectful punks and even "bad apples" I couldn't help but to get angry. One Facebook comment even asked "Why are they doing this? This is the job they picked. They risk their lives and they die. Move on."

I cannot say that my mouth dropped. Because let's be for real. It's 2015 and there are a lot of ... (I'll go with) jack legs out there. 

If this is your definition of a police officer, then you have it all wrong friend.

 No one picks a career to die. No one puts on a bullet proof vest, a 20 lb gun belt and kisses their family goodbye to go out to die. These men, women, sons, mothers and husbands go out to fight for you and I . They go out to keep the peace. To keep our streets safe for you and I to sleep soundly at night. So that we can walk from our cars to the grocery store, without being robbed, raped or assaulted in the process.

We do not kiss our husbands, hug our sons to tell them goodbye. We do it to show them that we love them. That we will be waiting for them to come back home to us. We will wait and when they do not return at shift change, we will worry. 

I didn't recieve a phone call on the way to a serious call, to say I love you just so that he could die due to an arrogant soul who thought it was wiser to fight than to go peacefully. Police Officers do not give up. They do not wear the bullet proof vests to end their career being carried by 6 men they call friends, brothers or coworkers. The vests are there for us. To continue to live for the families and citizens he/she may not know; to continue to protect. 

No matter what the public thinks, Police Officers are human. They have minds, hopes, dreams and yes, even hearts. Their hearts speak so many words by their acts of kindness and even grace. Did you realize that officers die each year because they gave someone grace? They give the perpetrator one chance, turn their back and then their goes their future. It's sad and even more disgusting that we refuse to see them as part of the human race. That we believe they are not capable of standing their ground and joining arms to give back their piece of mind. 

Their peaceful silence and slur has triggered a roller coaster of emotions throughout America. To be honest I give them all applause and would pat each one on the back to say, "Job well done." You deserve to give your statement when so many accusations are falling upon you. You deserve to speak your mind. You have earned the badge. They have not. Your peacefulness speaks to hearts while rioters and chaos speaks anger. 

Job well done

My hope for 2015 for our country is to find its way back. Back to where the peacekeepers and authorities of our nation are respected, even encouraged. To give them a praise so they never loose their site. We all need praises and now is the time to show these brothers in blue the love they need. So love loud by hosting a positive police rally. Hold a sign that shows that you support the thin blue line, or even shake the hand of some young cadet standing next to you in the Chick-Fil-A line. Or choose to love quiet, bake cookies wth a simple note, buy that officers meal because it may very well put a smile on his face to know that someone cares. Whatever you do just show love

"Blessed are the peacekeepers, for they shall be called the sons of God."

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