Saturday, August 15, 2015

Gulf Shores, Alabama

Over the Summer Curtis and I began our research into a cheap vacation. We knew that we didn't want to go anywhere far again this year. By we knew we wanted to pick somewhere that could be full of yummy food. Because we are foodies after all ;)

A few years ago on the way home from the national K9 competition we spent the night in Gulf Shores. While there we tried a restaurant that has now become our family favorite. So, we decided to start looking into a short trip there. After obsessively searching VRBO, I found a cute yet incredibly cheap condo. We then decided to keep it as a surprise from the kids until we headed out. 

That my friends was incredibly hard... 

But it worked! I somehow packed them the night before and had them to help me clean the house. The next day, my Mother and Sister law as well as the kids and I worked corn for 12 hours. It was a long fun filled day shucking, cutting and preparing it to freeze. By the end of the day, it's safe to say that we were a bit stir crazy. 

After dinner we told the kids about our trip and that we needed to head home to bed, so we could leave early. They were overly excited and maybe even a bit hoer but somehow we accomplished going to bed.

This was our first family altogether vacation, and who would've thought that three hours down the road the kids and I would blow the auxiliary fuse in the car. Whoops! So we spent the next hour trying to find an auto zone, getting it fixed and grabbing breakfast. 

We eventually made it to Gulf Shores and were all ready to spend the next few days playing in the water! 

Can't you see the excitement? Haha. Probably not because this little dude and his Dad much prefer the pool than the sandy beaches. We played out in the ocean for a while until Curtis was stung by a jelly fish. I watched it swim away, so we all decided it was time to get out. His sting ended up turning into a smiley face, which seriously cracked me up. I doubt it was funny to him.. 

That night we ate at DeSoto's for their very famous in our book crab legs. This place is a must eat in that area and by far the best we've ever had. I'm a horrible blogger and forgot to take a photo before I choked them down. 

Charli Beth was stung by a jelly fish on the leg but was a complete champ about it. I suppose they really weren't joking with the marine life flags that were out. 

Bryar used his super powers to clear all of the fish from the area of course. 

Charli and Curtis went back out into the water. While she was on her board Curtis noticed a fish that looked very similar to a sting ray swim past Charli's foot as she began to say, "ouch!" Next thing we know her foot was in a rash and hurting pretty bad. Once again, she was a complete champ. 

We're really not sure what it was but she did experience some stomach issues throughout the day. We hated that it happened, and decided after that the ocean was enough for us. 

Charli and I stayed out by the sand to play and then started noticing Jelly Fish. As we told people to becareful, we thought it would be neat to catch one. So, of course our little redneck selves used a net a picked one..or sixteen out. 

Eek! They're so creepy looking! 
Thankfully, we took a dolphin cruise that made up for it. It was absolutely incredibly to see such beautiful animals. 

I highly recommended this proficient cruise line. They were so very tactful and respectful to the animals in the water. No even overheard them say that they had to turn around to make sure a dolphin would not get stuck in a net they noticed. That to me, is the perfect company!

We also went crab hunting/fishing together which was so much fun. I had no idea what a fisherman, I am ;) 

We ended our vacation eating even more seafood and doing tons of "totally cool" belly flops into the pool. Both of the kids loved our simple time together and it was so fun spending time with one another as a family. 

We have now titled this vacation as the one of, "Jelly fish and other marine life!" It was all totally worth it though :) 

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