Monday, October 12, 2015

It's The Great Pumpkin Bryar Wayne!

I'm Bryar's fourth birthday arrived one very short week ago on October 5th. If it isn't obvious enough already, I will scream it a loud that I love celebrating birthdays...and pretty much any occasion that can be celebrated. 

I don't do this exactly for my children. Because..seriously what kind of selfish Mom would I be if I didn't in some way, form or fashion do it because I just love it. My kids will probably never remember their parties, or how many hours I spend painting a photo prop. But my gracious, I will and I will look back and smile, every single time. 

It makes my heart happy to see another year pass by with my children in my arms, happy and healthy. The Lord has leant them out to me to love, care for and teach within his ways, so I love to be joyous {and maybe even a little stressed to the max in moments} for the days that remind us of how blessed we truly are. 

Bryar is a lover of all things, superhero, Halloween and anything "spoookyyyy." While planning for birthday number four, it took all I had to not head full hulk force into super hero party planning mode. But then, big sister graciously reminded me that she, "uhm, don't really remember her sweet shoppe fourth birthday all that much." So, I took it upon myself to think of the perfect Halloween theme. Curious George BOOfest was out of the question, because that's just ...hard.
Then, I remembered how much he loved Charlie Brown's, It's The Great Pumpkin and flew with it.

He was overly ecstatic with the idea and thought Charlie Brown was just hilariously cool. 

My Mother in law was sweet enough to make a cake for the party. It was chocolate with buttercream icing, and three yummy layers! So tasty! 

It may have been an afternoon of painting, and sore arms the next day, but this is by far one of my most favorite projects ever! 

I really lucked out and found free printables online. 

He really is the cutest little fella, ever! 

May he forever be a Mommys boy! 

What would a birthday party be without nerf guns? 

In Kentucky, we obviously ride hay wagons like roller coasters.

A sweet lady came out to let us borrow her projector to watch the great movie on the barn side. The kids loved relaxing as the party ended while watching the show. 

Thank you to all of our family and friends who helped in so many ways to make this party the best. It was SO much du relaxing on the hayride and watching th e movie on the barn. This my friends, is where memories are made. I couldn't have asked for it to be anymore perfect, and I believe Bryar agreed.

This photo was taken at nearly ten o'clock the next morning. 

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Amanda Solimando said...

This is the cutest birthday party I've ever seen!!!

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