Sunday, December 27, 2015

Jingle the Elf of 2015

Now that we can all kick back and relax, or no longer stay awake until 1 am worrying over if the elf will fall over or not, I figured it was time to share our elf experience of 2015. 

Jingle came in with a crash landing on December 1. Which brings me to a new topic... We as parents need to come together and realize that 25 days is totally enough for this hoax, rather than starting even earlier on Black Friday (Of course special circumstances are different.) But geez, my two were SO anxious for Jingle to arrive since so and so's already had...Jingle almost crashed into the trash can rather than into our window. 

I've always been a bigger fan of the kindness and Jesus elf versions because in all reality I cannot stand threatening my children with a toy. If you cannot handle the wrath of Momma or Daddy.. That plush toy, isn't going to do anything! 

So on this day, Jingle added Googly eyes to the playroom Christmas tree along with a note that reminded the children to, "have hearts bigger than our eyes this season." 

I hope to do better with showing my children the meaning of Christmas, and even a Christ like life within 2016. 

Then of course, jingle was lazy and got stuck in the fireplace. 

Shouldn't you be counting your blessings since you're not stuck in a fireplace? 

Corny for the win. 

"Let's make something for someone." Our crafty Charli Beth loved this one. 

Parade day meant we were leaving the house at 7:30 and wouldn't arrive back until late. With all of the rushing in the morning, it was a nice reminder that He has the whole world in His hands. 

Then the lame hot air balloon was left along with a countdown to Christmas. Jingle was a trooper and hung on until the next night. 

At some point Bryar touched Jingle and before I knew what had happened Charli had him on his death bed with cinnamon on top. As you can see, things got serious but her intentions were well as she had heard through the fourth grade grape vine that cinnamon could help restore the magic within. 

Sadly, she was wrong and he had an allergic reaction. Hives are a big part of Bryar's life so it was pretty cute to see Jingle twinning with him. 

The hives knocked Jingle out of commission for a few days, which was absolutely brilliant. But once he felt better, he became a mighty morphin red power ranger and was back in action. 

His action packed morning ended very quickly as Bryar threw Woody from Toy Story at him, knocking him across the room. It broke his leg, and also Santas heart as Santa explained to him during our visit that we should be kind to everyone. 

Tic Tac Toe, only 5 more days (of school) to go!  P.S. be a good friend today! 

Don't we all need that reminder sometimes? 

Jingle became an artist and didn't impress a single soul. 

But he made up for it as he brough in a special surprise reindeer to the kids. 

We brought home our 15 baby chicks from preschool and found Jingle admiring them the next morning. 

Things became naughty towards the end of our adventures as he placed 36 Christmas tattoos all over me. Sleeping on the couch causes creepy elves to attack apparently. My Christmas joy had arrived, and Curtis just knew in his heart that he had indeed married a weirdo. 
The kids loved this oh so much, and their smiles became so contagious for all. 

Lastly, Jingle made a cake in celebration of the birth of Jesus. He left a note reminding the kids to remember the reason of the season, but to also use their manners very well. I can honestly say that they did indeed and impressed me quite a bit. 

As always we were all sad for Jingle to go, but the excitement of Santas goodies made up for it very easily. 

Until next year... 

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