Sunday, November 9, 2008

This is probably going to be my most random post, ever. Yes, even by passing my "100 things you may not know about me" post. (I'm serious Coy Lee!) I have had a lot on my heart the past...well few days to be honest. This election and the scare of everything has really burden my heart. Everyone is probably laughing at this. But I am being honest. I said that I was going to leave it to God, but i fully did not. I have been questioning and wondering...even reading the bible which it seems that I never do. I have not ever been one to understand the bible. Although, as I was getting my hair done by this wonderful girlie Amber the other day she was telling me of a women's bible that would help me understand the bible for sure! Yay to that! I have been having talks about the scriptures of the bible tonight with one of the officers, he has helped me understand the book of revelations more than I did whenever I came into work tonight. I thank that my heart has been hurting tonight over a few things and also feeling very blessed. I am blessed for the things that I have in my life and the things that I do not. It is funny that some days, I am thankful for being a single Mother. It has made me strive harder than I ever thought possible. The people that I have dated since Charli has been born, say that I am way to independent. I believe God makes me this way, for a reason. I am thankful for the houses, and things that we have in our home. I always get in such a "tizzy" when dispatching out fires to houses (as yes, I did do tonight). My heart beats more out of my chest than any other call..besides anything that has to do with infants or children) You would thank it would be wrecks that I had such a problem with. Since the wreck that I had, and how much fear I always have of having another. But I knew that day laying down on the ground after being thrown from that spilt in half maxima..that God was with me. Wow, I'm getting very random! I am thankful for the friends and family that I have in my life. After working 3rd shift last night, I went home to get ready to go to Christmas open houses at the Primitive stores around the county. I seen a sign in one that said " The ones in my life that care, is all that I need" or something to that sort. This is very true. I do not have many friends. Wait, I have my Mother. That bothers me some days. I will NEVER forget, sitting in my Mom's lap whenever I was pregnant crying my eyes out because I didn't have any friends. I had a friend that I thought was a best friend that I had been friends with for years that would not come around me because I guess I wasn't enough fun anymore. I pray for that girl, because my life is so much better now. As that also reminds me of the quote "People say that I have changed. I have not changed, I have just found myself" ....okay I'll stop with the randomness.

A friend from school, that I graduated with, went to Junior year prom with, followed my volleyball team every that is over seas with the Army has called me several times the past few days. It is such a great ..HONOR, to hear from him. He always puts a smile on my face telling me that it makes him so happy to talk to someone from back home. He has done so well for himself since High School and everyone I know is very proud of him. I pray for him to be safe until his return in February or March.

Charli Beth has grown into her Terrible two's stage. Yes, I thought we were already there. But no no no ...I think this is it. Don't get me wrong, she is not a bad a child, what-so-ever. She just likes to play when Charli wants too. LoL. She is still the same funny little girl, that we all just love and adore. I hope to learn more techniques as a Mommy, to teach her patience, how to share, and etc. Which she does just fine at, but I want her to be great at it! haha! Is that possible? One thing that she for sure gets from her Momma, is her Independence! I just wish sometimes, it wasn't so much a struggle being a Mommy, to get children to let you help them! I'm the pot calling the kettle black. Mom was saying today that she thinks that Charli has just grown up so much in the last month with putting things together! Oh and we went to the doctor Thursday. Charli was 25.2 pounds and 34 inches! That is a big improvement from her 4.2lbs, and 17 inches.

I have also read a blog tonight called "Bring the Rain" that has really touched me tonight. If you have the time, I suggest reading it. It will touch your heart, for sure.

Well, I better get back to the nightly weekend life of Paige at 911. Which involves; myspace,facebook,TV,TEXTING, some slight studying for my NREMT (which I need to get done.)....and FOOD!

Have a great Sunday.


coyleefish said...

very nice...not so random more of what you feel which is good people should say what on their mind paigelena hahayou're a wondering person and if people don't understand it it's because they don't want to realize it or something better than way I said lol because I'm not a good inspiritionist (is that even a word) anyway (you wanna talk about random lol) just keep doing everything you seem to be doing fine!

<3 Coy Lee

Audrey said...

I would be happy to make some and sell at your show! What do I need to do?

kels said...

heyy! your little Charli girl is absolutely precious! :) so cute!

have you ever heard of the version of the Bible called the Message? It's my FAVORITE version! It's been translated into everyday language so it's really easy to understand... if you've never heard of it, look it up! If you go on you can search for verses/passages in that version... I think you would really like it! :)

Debi said...

Paige dear,
I think from just reading a few of your posts that you are one very sweet strong young lady!! And I commend you on all you do!
Being a single mom isn't a job for everyone... it takes perseverance, more patience, loving of two parents in one, a strong heart and will. I believe you have all of that dear, don't question it!! Your mom will always be your best friend!! Take it from a daughter that raised her oldest until she was 3 all by herself... we were blessed with a wonderful man that loved us both... and had another daughter later too! He and my children are the love of my life. And now I get the reward of grandchildren!! :D Don't ever think your rambling dear. Sometimes that is a way of sanity!! And the Good Lord will watch over us every day if we let him. So hang in there dear!!
Wishing you the love your family!!(which I have no doubt you already have!!) and all of your friends here in blogland!! :D

I hope my dear your having a wonderfully blessed day!!

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