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Thanking God
for a clear on all test that I have had ran this week =)

I wasn't going to blog about this at all, like I had mentioned before but I am in need of a good shout out to big man upstairs with a huge praise. I have been having problems with my peripheral vision since a little bit after my wreck in 2005. It is only effected at times of about 15 minutes to about an hour or so it seems. During this time my vision is just blurred out(mostly occurs in my left eye but has started being more strong in my right), and I feel completely "out of my head" so to speak. This problem was first really noticed while being pregnant with Charli Beth and I also knew that you could have vision troubles with pregnancy that would go away after having the baby. I also have hypoglycemia so I figured that it also had something to do with the temporary eye troubles. After having Charli I eventually went to a local eye Dr and he told me that my eyes were fine and that I could get classes if I wanted them. He didn't take the time to look at the problems that I was having just said that it was nothing. I knew it was at least "something" even if not anything major. The "spells" as I like to call them, eventually went away for a couple of months. Who would of thought that they would come back, but worse too? It started back a couple of months ago, and came back with pain. That has recently turned into major eye pain. No headaches involved. I ended up at the ER two weeks ago due to the pain in my left eye, after two spells in my right eye which had never happened before (this was in a two hour time frame). The Dr. treated this as a migraine and advised me to see an Opthamologist that day, and then gave me two shots that knocked my hinnie slick out for the day.

Monday, I did see the Opthamologist and he to advised me that my eye sight is perfect if not more than perfect, but my peripheral vision was abnormal in right eye. I did a follow up test this past Monday and he informed me that there was no permanent damage to the peripheral sight. Although, that was kind of a "duh factor" to me because I knew my sight was only effected during these spells. Dr. Rooney diagnosed my spells as Ocular Migraines since I "had headaches" with the spells. I did advise him that I do not have headaches, but he didn't say anything to this.I do know that you can still have Ocular/Optical Migraines without headaches but the feelings that I have whenever this happens just doesn't right at all . I still do not feel completely okay with this diagnoses. I have had a CT done this week with and without contrast, which I am sure was very stupid and silly of me being that I do not have insurance (please make no comments towards this, my work does not consider me as full-time and I am looking into trying to get my own through a company). Everything did show up as normal. Yay to that! You can never be to thankful, right? My blood work has also came back fine too. =)

Although, these are all good and great things. I still want to know what is going on with the pains in my eye. It's so very frustrating and annoying. I can't think straight whenever it occurs, and I feel extremely off balanced. I got so frustrated the other night whenever I was talking to my parents and a "spell" came on that I just started crying because I couldn't think of what I was saying. I felt crazy for crying over this, but its something that does bug me. I am satisfied with the CT results my family clinic (which is also where my lovely Sister works) were worried over a tumor. So this is the reason that I am SO thankful. I have been taking Ibuprofen and Excedrin migraine daily like Dr. Rooney (the Opthamologist) first told me to do so but it doesn't seem to be helping. They have mentioned doing an MRI at a later date, but I'm thinking this is not necessary at the moment. Although, I just want something to help the aggravation of this all.

Have any of you ever experienced a "optical migraine?" If so please comment and let me know how you all felt and what you have done for it.

Sorry, for such a long blog lol...I've became such a bad blogger =) opps! Just haven't had the energy or really the time to post to much.

I've mentioned before that the funniest and most awkward and random things seem to happen to me all the time. This is one reason why I love my life SO much. Anyways, my dear Momma was out of town to Cookeville, TN for training this week. I usually talk to her on the phone, A LOT esp while she is gone somewhere [what can I say, I'm a Momma's girl. What other way is there to be though?] I dropped Charli Beth off at the baby sitters house and whenever I returned back to my car "Cowgirls dont cry" was on the radio. Which is my girls favorite song, if you haven't listened to the song before please do so by my playlist at the bottom. Better yet, find the video there is some fine looking Cowboys in it! haha. So I had my moment of singing it then it got to the part of where the Dad was passing away and the last thing he said was cowgirl dont cry, ride baby ride. Wow, did I have a pitty party of what whenever that part came? I'm not exactly sure why, if it was just the fact that I was going to have my silly noggin scanned or what. But not just this, EVERY song that came on after this song was about someone that had cancer. I finally just looked up at the sky and said "God, what is up? This better not be a sign!" and started laughing then immediately called my Mom to tell her how crazy that was that they last 5 songs on was about Cancer. Good grief! She laughed and thought I was crazy just as I am sure you guys will. lol. Then I hang up with her and guess what....another song about cancer. I think at this moment I actually rolled my eyes at God. Yes, I did just say I rolled my eyes at God. I knew the big man liked to miss with this girl, but gracious! haha! It was so funny!! I mean how ironic, right?



heather said...

well i am glad to hear all your tests were fine.the songs is a little odd but was a sign in some way from God that you are ok.I hope you get better where you don't have those spells too often i'm sure it can be a pain.I have headaches sometimes and when i do i get dizzy/lightheaded and usually get lazy because i don't feel like doing anything.i have no insurance being a stay at home mom and not married so i don't go to the dr unless i am super bad i haven't been to the eye dr in 4yrs and i went 2wks ago and now have new glasses i hope that helps me feel better.take care.ttyl

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

God is good~love u.

Serious Shopaholic said...

I'm glad that the tests came back positive. Hopefully they'll figure out what's causing them & it will be an easy & cheap fix. That song makes me bawl my eyes out. The first time I heard it was the day after Granddaddy's funeral & Mom & I just cried & cried. It's so sad! Glad that you're okay!

Elizabeth said...

So glad to know you are ok.

kels said...

glad you're ok, girl!

oh gosh, I do that a lot with songs and stuff... I'm always thinking, "oh gosh, is this a sign?!?" hahaha... I think we just overthink. :)

Anonymous said...

OMG! dont cry, ride baby ride...I am crying. How touching...thanks for sharing.
I have had many family members pass on w/cancer, and about a month ago I had to have an MRI for my headaches...all those thoughts flooded my brain. But all is good and mine r related to hormones (what isn't at my age!).
I am praying for you kiddo, those things are not a joke. Be strong.
Did you end up getting glasses?
That may help.

Take care!!!!

Ivana Clay said...

I am soooo glad that all your tests came back okay. I just wish you were able to get some relief from what you are going through. It sounds miserable!!! You will continue to stay in my prayers. How's that new bedroom coming? Can't wait to see the end result. :)

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