Sunday, March 29, 2009

weekend ramble

I've always known that Charli Beth would have a good heart, with a "tad bit" of attitude to go along with it. I like to think of myself as a woman with a good heart, although I may not *always* show it. I pray that she continues to grow with the Lord every day as she gets older and older.

I may have mentioned our "aunt peggy" before, actually I am pretty sure that I have during Christmas and Halloween. We stopped by to see her yesterday afternoon and I believe my little girl made her day. Aunt peggy is in her 80's and widowed, she has a care taker that stays with her through the night so she doesn't fall whenever gets out of bed but I honestly think that people do not stop by as often as we should. She is the sweetest thing, ever! Charli just loves her and likes stopping by to see her, so does Peggy. She calls her the "little thing that talks a lot!" lol. How cute is that? Aunt Peggy never had children of her own, but I do believe she would of been a wonderful woman to of had a couple! She doesn't remember names and gets us all mixed up every now and then but can always remember that I'm, "the girl that talks on that there radio." She told me how proud of me she was yesterday and what a good feeling that was. Heres a few pictures from out short time spent with her.

Do any of you all have a elder family member that you just love dearly? Sometimes we forget the elders and the lonely. Although, we never should, we always get caught up in our own lives and dont spend enough time making them feel as loved as we should. It's to late to make a new years resolution so I'm going to make a promise to myself and pray that I can follow through with it: Go see Aunt Peggy MORE!!!

The duckers (Lily & River) are doing good at least were before I came to work this afternoon. I am sure they are tired of their box and ready to head outside to play in water but the weather has turned off into the 40's with freezing winds. Charli Beth loves playing with them whenever she can, although she doesnt understand that you can't run over them with the gator and you cannot pick them up by their necks. She doesn't exactly "try" to run over them with the gator, but they chase after it I assume because of a noise it makes. They will stumble, fall over and get caught up under it and she'll try to take off while belly laughing. She is such a pure amazment to me!

[work] We have had two different people in the last couple of days to get charged with forgery on trying to change their prescriptions and then taking them to the parmacy. Both have blameed the extra marks on the paper on their childern one that was 3 and one 9. I mean really how would either know to a 10 until a 20 for hydro's and how would a 3 year old know to perfectly circle 2 refills on it in different color ink? One of these people has not even seen their child in over a week, and has to have supervised vistation due to a Meth charge. What is wrong with people? How sad people get whenever they get hooked on drugs. My mom and I also ate at shogun last night and a couple that set next to us was completely SLAMMED (drunk) and making out...yes in their 40's or older. Not that people in their 40's or above cannot make out, but gracious do it in private. I did call in on this couple whenever we started to leave and was told that a officer had said he was right in the location. I never seen one. Who knows? Sometimes I feel that officers don't "always" tell the truth on bolo'ing for a vehicle, matter of fact I know they dont. Which I wish I could change. I'm not saying that you can be right there everytime but they know how important it is to get a DUI driver off of the roadway. Some do take it a little over board sometimes, and pull over EVERY single car just see if they have been drinking so their activity looks good. If they actually though they were drinking and cared, that would be a different story too.

okay, enough rambling for this Sunday night, hopefully the next hour will pass quickly and I can head home.


♥..Kim said...

I know what ya mean as in not visiting with elders. I tried visiting my grandfather before he passed every week, I was also 8 months pregnant at the time but didn't matter what time of the day it was if he needed me I was there. Just wish he was here to meet his 1st Grt.grand. Anyways, I think the little chicks are adorable! I was just telling my hubby we should get Hunter one for easter 1 year, there adorable! Have a wonderful week!

Nichele Lynn said...

The pic of her kissing Aunt Peggy melts my heart!!

Anonymous said...

Paige, I am proud of you for wanting to spend time and take Charli Beth to visit with Aunt Peggy.

Love ya, Momma

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