Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What's in there Wednesday

I checked out Tales of a Short Southern Momma's blog today because her blog is just so stinkin' cute! On Wednesdays she particapates in "What's in there Wednesday" this is the first week I have came across it so I have no idea what it usually consist of but this weeks "What's in your make up bag edition" looked fun =) even though this Momma's fashion and make up wearing is AWFUL. <-- simple fact.

I usually keep all of my makeup tucked away in the bathroom cabinets because most of the time it's like a bull in a china cabinet around my purse/cosmetic bag! But I do have the most adorable green vera bradley bag...I'll update with a picture of it!

L'OREAL has become one of my dearest friends lately --cheap & soft. I do not spend a lot of Moo-lah on makeup because I hardly ever go anywhere that consists of it beside work. But I work 3rd shift and with a bunch of po-po's I don't wear a lot or they ask me why I'm so dressed up. One of the down falls of working with all men!

Very Sexy's blush, I love it! I usually use the more fair colors since I am so very light skinned and dab a touch of the Gold under my eyes. I was told that this would make me look not so sleepy on my "can't hardly stay awake since I work such a crazy shift" days.

My two favorite mascara's! Yes, I do wear both of them at the same time. They are both useful and perfect in their own ways. The purple bottle is used mostly for darkening the lashes and the yellow curves and thickens. Mascara (and chap stick too) is the item that I need/want the most. That was easy enough for me! LOL.

Check out the Give away at Design Dazzle, one of the blogs that I pratically stalk daily just to wish I was as crafty as all of the artist they show off on there! The giveaway consist of a $50 gift certificate to an Etsy Diaper Cake designer called Poopie Pastries --How funny is that?

We are getting Lil Miss Priss' hair cut tomorrow for the very first time!! I still cannot believe that I am going to do this. If I am on here crying will know why. Wish me luck! Now I'm off to renew my tags before I earn a ticket whenever I pull into work.


Brandi said...

How fun is that. I couldn't live without my chapstick and I never wear a lot of makeup either because the only place I go is to work.

Anonymous said...

Love your loot girl!!! You sound a lot like me. I work 3rd shift too!! And I sleep during the day after I take Macy to school! Today was the very 1st What's in you are right on top of things! Hope you had as much fun posting this as I did mine! Hope your having a great day!!

Stephanie said...

Loved looking in your stash! It's fun to see what other people use too. I use Bareminerals most of the time but I'm currently out of the foundation and don't have $30 to spend on new so it's whatevers left over right now :)

Good luck tomorrow! Those times can be so stressful and it's hard to accept that they're growing. I am still trying to find a way to slow them down!

CarolinaGirl said...

Girl, there is no MaryKay in that bag! That is wrong ;)

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