Monday, February 22, 2010

Awkward Moments

I am the queen of "awkward moments" and I absolutely hate it whenever these moments seem to present them selves to me. I know that all of you Mama's know what I'm talking about when I say that once you have a baby, random people start talking to you about random things. But it seems more and more here lately people are telling me sad, down right depressing things about their lives and children.

I've had a man to tell me that his grandchild was ran over {just a few days before seeing me} that was the same size as charli {and he pointed at her, saying it out loud to her}. I was stunned at the fact that he just told me this in front of my child and not to mention I had no idea where that even came from, being that he just walked in the store and said it to me. Yes, I gave him my sympathy and I feel extremely bad for their family please do not think that I am trying to be rude, I'm just pointing out the fact that people like to make me the center of their awkward moments.

The other day at Arby's while Charli Beth and I were snacking on some onion petals, this lady starts telling me how adorable Charli is. Not being to confident but I am used to that part, haha. Then she gets into the conversation that she has two daughters one whom is now grown and the other is deceased. She died in a car wreck at the age of 15, the Mother told me that "she let her go out with a girl she didn't know, and she shouldn't have. She was killed in a car wreck, and hates that ------ ------ still this that day" I had no idea what to say except once again tell her how very sorry that I am. Although, I wanted to explain to her that my daughter is only four and was going to ask what all of that meant.

I cannot say that I would not act that way if I were in their shoes, at all. But it seems that these things happen to me all of the time. It gets a bit overwhelming at times, and embarrasses me at others.

Do you all ever have these awkward moments happen to you or is it just my crazy life?


Stephanie said...

Sometimes I hear things like that and I think okay don't tell me that I am already nervous enough!

I was in Academy Sports one day looking at Crocs for Allie. I left all the kids in the car with David and just ran in while this older couple proceeded to tell me their life story-how to cut up hot dogs and how one of their grandchildren choked on a piece of one. How he had the hairdryer dangling in the toilet. Seriously-people will talk about anything!

Speaking of that-my word verification for you is sperm :) Weird!

Jessica said...

Wow that is awkward! People volunteer way too much information sometimes for sure!

Annie said...

oh gosh..poor thing! You must just have that "very caring, comforting, I can help you" look about you! And little Charli Beth is just so sweet and cute that people automatically are drawn to her!!

Constant Family said...

Just like when you ask, How are you and they proceed to tell you just exactly how they are. You don't want to hear all that, a simple fine would be good.

Becca said...

No, I can't say that I have had something like that happen to me before. I am pretty sure that if it did I would act much like you have. I would really like to know what those people were thinking when they thought it would be a good idea to talk about death around a young child. You know, not to be rude or anything... ha!

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