Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Down Low on this Momma

To be honest, I really didn't think I would have anyone ask any questions! Once again, I guess I thought wrong and that is a good thing!

1.What Faith are you? Do you regularly attend church?
-- I am baptist {as well as 95% of Kentucky folks}, although I attend a church of God church. There is just something about Brother Danny Patrick that touches my soul every time he speaks. I am not able to attend church regulary. I know, I know you're thinking what, how she is not able to. I work 3rd shift on Fridays and Saturdays and 2nd shift on Sundays. It really messes with the person I am and Sundays tend to be a very busy day for us. I want to start doing better with this and I plan to make it happen.

2. What is your favorite color?
--UK blue babyyy.

3. What is your favorite item of clothing?
-- Eek. This is a tough one. I really love my yoga pants. But then again I have this black dress that has bold flower prints of orange and hot pink {sounds ugly, maybe?} but I love it with my pink heels. I always feel amazing in it.

4. Do you make or buy Charli's hairbows?
-- haha, I buy these darlin' things. I am not creative what-so-ever. I wonder how much money I would be saving if I could make them?

5. Where are your favorite places to shop?
--I did a post about this recently so I'll go easy...Target for sure. I love everything they have. Any children's boutique that has my favorite brands, I am pretty much like a baby in a candy store when it comes to picking out things for Charli Beth.

6. How did you decide on the career path you have chosen?
--Let me start off by saying that my "chosen career path" is not where I am. I plan to start back to school in the fall. I decided to become a dispatcher while pursuring my EMT's with hopes of becoming a police officer also, which took a little longer than expected. I decided to become an EMT after the wreck I had in 2005. The city I work for has excellent benefits, all insurance is covered, you are not out of a dime...isn't that wonderful? Sadly, after two years of working for them I am still the only person that is not full time or has insurance. BOO on them. Whenever I decide on my career path, I will let ya'll know. I am pretty sure I know what I will be going into though.

7. What do you like most and dislike the most about your job?
--Like: The fact that everytime I answer the phone I am helping someone. That is a huge confidence boost in my life.
Dislike: the hours, the attitudes/fights, sitting in chair all day, having to see things happen to good people and children but not being able to do anything about it {this is why I should of been an officer} I have seen pictures of babies that break my heart into millions of pieces but what can I do? I throw the picture in the back of my mind and carry on.

8. Do you want more kids, if so boy(s) or girl(s)?
--Oh goodness yes, I want more babies! But I need a Hubby first? Anyone know of a prospect? Send him my way. haha! I would love to have 3 more, but I will be happy with how many ever babies I am blessed with in the future. I know I want another girl for sure, her name has already been picked and has been since I had Charli Beth (lol, I love picking baby names). I would love to have a rough & tough boy too. I can only imagine that he would be the cutest thing ever, but I'm not very good at picking boy least boy names for a boy! haha.

9. Where do you get her {Charli Beth's} outfits from?

Ebay is one of my biggest friends. Being a single Mama on a low income and wanting to dress my daughter in nice outfits is not a good combination. I find a lot of her items on ebay or I shop sales in boutiques. Some of the boutiques have 70% off sales at the beginning and end of each season so I try to save up and get clothes for the next years too. I haven't had much luck with consignment stores around here except for the Lil Angel's Attic Sale. It is a two day sale at a church in Bowling Green, KY and I volunteer there. I spend tons of money there each season and the best thing about it is a lot of the money goes to local charities! I also am not afraid to say that I love yard sales shoppin' for Miss Priss!

10. Where does the name Charli Beth come from? Is she named after someone?

Yes. Charli Beth is named after my Papaw (my Mother's Father) I just changed up for the spelling to make a little girlie. Even though he passed away whenever I was only four years old, he touched my heart and soul. He was an honest to goodness good man. I'll never forget the simple enjoyments of having a great Papaw in my life. I have to give the credit to my Mom for her name, I'll never forget the day that she said hey how about Charlie for a girl and I just lit up and said that is the coolest name! I still think it is =) I will not ever be the Mom that wishes I would of named her something else. Char's other two middle names are "Elizabeth Grace" I know what was I think there? Well, I couldn't decide between the two and I really wanted Grace because of the wreck that I was involved in while I was pregnant (kind of like the Grace of God) and also her being born 6 weeks early weighing only 4 lbs 2 oz with no complications at all.

If you have any more questions go ahead and ask. Have a great day!!


Kay said...

I've checked out Ebay a few times,they have some great deals! I bought my youngest a (new) pillow case dress for $8.99 & a matching bow for a $1.00,not too bad when I've seen the dresses selling for $20 to $60! Charli Beth is always dressed so pretty ;) (you do a wonderful job as her Mommy) Have a great day!

Annie said...

Love thse answers!! And love that we now know where the name Charli Beth comes awesome to have such a great story behind it!

Meant to be a mom said...

I think I missed the question part of all of this. Dang I'm off Blogspot for like 1 day and I'm so behind. I love all of your answers though. It lets us know more about you more personally.

capperson said...

I'm church of god and I hav a lot of the same issue. I've gone to baptists churches and other churches where I live, but I grew up going to church an hour away with my granparents. We stopped going because my mom wanted to get my older brother and sister in a church where they could go all the time and on wednesdays and be in the youth group, but I haven't been able to find another preacher like Brother Horne, so the week after new years I started going back to my old church and well I'm happier that ever!

kace said...

oh how fun! so glad you did this:) i have a few questions...
do you still have the same boyyyfriend? whats your fav thing about living in a small town? who is your favorite actress?

Kay said...

I was wondering when is the wkend of the attic sale in BG? & what church is it located at? Hope you don't mind me asking.

Stephanie said...

I love that post! I even learned some things about you that I didn't already know :)

Boo on the insurance though-that sucks!

♥Kim said...

I missed this. I learned some things I didn't know. That's wonderful how you chose Charli's name & I'm sorry for you loss. I can send you my older brother Jamie to ya, lol, he's single, & I know you've seen some pics! haha :) Hope you have a great weekend!

Heather said...

I love your answers! Such good questions and of course I love your answer to your favorite color!

Concord Carpenter said...

Your answer to #7 gave me goose bumps. You'll make a great cop!

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