Monday, August 15, 2011

Bulldog -- The Mascot

The first week of Kindergarten passed by wonderfully for our little family. Our schedule pretty much is to get up around 7, eat breakfast and watch a few minutes of cartoons while I get her clothes and snack ready for the day. Her school starts at 8:15 in the mornings, which is a huge blessing to us!

Since the first day of school, Charli Beth has come home talking about their classroom pet "Bulldog" and yes of course they all voted for the Bulldog's name to Bulldog! (You have to love Kindergartners) Her class and her could not figure out if Bulldog was real or not, because sometimes he whispers things to her teacher. Which was amazing to her, because she had not heard him speak. Her teacher allows students to take care of the pet for the night by bringing him home in his bag with a activity journal.

The elementary school her rewards children for good behavior and hard work with good dog tickets, that they can use to purchase small items with at the end of the week. Charli really wanted to get a good dog ticket, so we continued to explain to her that by using her manners and behaving like a good girl that she would possibly be rewarded.

Thursday afternoon, I was off work and was able to pick her up from school. She jumped in the car with this exact face.......
With the most proud little voice ever saying "I have the class pet! Bulldog picked me to take care of him for the night!!" I probably had the largest crocodile tears at that moment, just to see how excited and proud of herself that she was.
We only live about around a mile from the elementary school so once we were home Charli immediately started playing fairies with him. He held the wand in his mouth, and I am very sure that she even put wings on him. Poor dog!
Before bed time Charli and I sat down and wrote in his activity journal. I let her tell me exactly what to write, and then she signed her name at the bottom. Our journal entry was over a half page long, and I am pretty sure that we said "This is the greatest day, ever" and "Bulldog is a good dog" 5 times each. =) She also drew three pictures at the bottom, a fairy, a car and our home. I wish I would of taken a photo of our entry but it completely slipped my mind.

It was such a sweet and proud day for Miss Charli Beth! We are very excited and proud of her as well, for not only being a well behaved girly but for taking the extra step at work hard to learn new things and make new friends at her school. I cannot wait to see what else Mrs. Gray has in store for their class this year!


Morgan said...

That is so cute!! I remember bring home our class pet. Sadly it was a real bunny that ate my mom's purse! Ha...good times!

Glad it went well last week.

Erin said...

How fun!! She is going to have a great year! :)

Courtney said...

I am so happy that she is having a wonderful start to her school her. The look on her face is priceless!

A Cajun Belle said...

Aww! It's adorable how excited she is!

Blissfully Burton said...

so sweet!

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