Friday, August 24, 2012

Class of 2024

It is truly amazing that another year has started up and Charli Beth is now a first grader. What has ever happened to the time when she was itty bitty and walking into preschool for her first day? It seems like yesterday that I held back the tears until she walked hand in hand with her best friend through her pre-k door. Ah.

Now little miss sassy pants is all grown up and way to beautiful for me to even express. Her personality is so much like my own at times that it is scary yet she is a lot like my older sister Ashley. She is really shy and awkward (yes, bless her heart, she is awkward at first) until she gets to know someone very well, then she turns into Chatty Cathy. I was really worried about how her first day would go because a lot of her friends from Kindergarten were moved to a brand new school that was opened in our county. But she did wonderful and I can mainly thank her sweet, cheerful, pretty teacher for that!

The night before school started I quickly made this simple mason jar bouquet for Mrs. Graves because she told Charli that she was so excited when she saw her name because she is a "bow head." The card stated " I hope you have a bow-itful year! Love, Charli Beth"

I know cheesy, but what better way to help break in the first day than pretty flowers and the alphabet!

Charli is still obsessed with horses, and I am pretty sure that it will never change. She has saved her money since April and has $117 for her to buy her own horse with. Yikes! We better get to finding a house with more land!

Mrs. Graves and Charli for a quick photo before they started their day. I can already tell that she is such a fun and caring teacher. At open house she gave each child a package with an envelope that stated for them to open the night before school. I am pretty sure that Curtis was more anxious to open it than CB! Enclosed we found this sweet little poem and confetti "dust" that she placed by her pillow. How sweet is that!

I am so excited to see how this year goes for her and pray that it is nothing but wonderful memories and LOTS of learning!


HickChickBritt said...

That is the cutest letter from her teacher! I love teachers that really go the extra mile! I had a shirt that my mom made when I was 4 that said class of 2000. Too cute

Joeylee said...

How cute is she. She has grown up so much. My oldest starts preschool on Monday

Hannah said...

Paige, where do you get all these cute personalized shirts??? I love them!

Southern Belle Mama said...

She is just precious! And I love the teacher're the kind of parent we teachers love to have; so thoughtful!

My Colson starts first grade on Monday!

Neely said...

SO CUTE! I cant even stand it :)

Kaci said...

Oh I love all your traditions...wish I had thought of those before Elly started preschool!!! How fun! =) Her teacher seems very nice and sweet too. Have super fun this year!

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

She's so cute! I hope she has a great year!

Candice said...

Love CB's outfit and that gift is perfect. So cute and creative!!

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