Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Coupon Binder

It is a must that I start this post out by saying that I am NOT an expert at coupons or organization! I saw this idea a few years ago on a few different blogs and I think it is a great idea! Since I am now staying home we are having to budget a little better and be more resourceful with things.

So I started cutting coupons like crazy and really I was not sure what to do with them. Throwing them in a baggie or kitchen drawer is clearly not an option for me due to space and more than likely I would loose the bag.

When I remembered this great organizer I went to Dollar General and purchased, business card holders and dividers. I have recycled an old binder that I used in college, for wedding organizing and again for Bryar's nursery ideas! This binder has really had it's money's worth used out of it!

On each divider I wrote the following labels:

Household Items
For Others

Not all coupons will fit perfectly in the card holders (maybe baseball card holders work better?!) So I fold mine in half, but it is a must that you can see the expiration date and obviously the item. As I make my grocery list, it is now so easy to find the coupon. When heading to the grocery I do place them in a small bag. Then before checking out I go to a corner and make sure I have each item listed; if I do not use a coupon I brought I stick it in my diaper bag to place back into the binder. So simple!

I do not have my process completely perfect yet but hope to in the near future. Do you have any suggestions for me on using coupons? Or do you use another technique that works great?

I would love to hear from all of you that are budgeting queens!!


HickChickBritt said...

I have no helpful hints. But I hope some people do! I have heard in other parts of the country, they have stores that do double coupons and other great deals. Here you can't even use a manufactures and a in store coupon together. I haven't figured out a way to save much money doing it. I am hoping for some ideas!

Courtney said...

I love couponing! I need to reorganize my binder since I have let it go the past few weeks since I have started back to school. I don't if you have tried Swagbucks but it is great. You sign up for an account and you can earn points for doing things. One of the ways you can earn points is by printing their coupons( they are connected to coupons.com but you go from their site). You get 10 points for each coupon you use, it takes about 10 weeks but I have gotten all of mine. You can use the points you earn for products or gift cards. I just earned a $25 gift card from Walmart. Happy Couponing!

The Spanns said...

First of all, beautiful binder! I have a boring one and might have to spice it up. You are on the right track. I do use baseball cards holders but still have to fold some coupons. I also have a pencil pouch that has 3 holds to keep in the binder. This has scissors, calculator, and store coupons. Even if you arent grocery shopping you should keep your coupons with you. Target always has clearance items and putting a coupon that rocks! I can not wait to see what kind of savings you get. You better post pictures and totals! Good job, girlie!

The Spanns said...

Totally forgot to mention that TheKrazyCouponLady is the best when getting started. She has it broken down and offers what is one sale for different stores. I use here and www.couponmom.com for my list makers.

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

That's a good idea! I just use a file book!

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