Monday, September 17, 2012

2012 NICU Reunion

Last Sunday, on 9-9 our family attended the NICU reunion along with my sister and her baby Trace. As most of you may remember Trace was born 7 weeks early very unexpectedly on my birthday, and spent 2 weeks in the NICU. The week that Trace went home from the NICU, I went into labor with Bryar and we spent the next 20 days there.

During the boys stay we came in contact with some of the most wonderful nurses on this planet. One nurse in particular that we had such a wonderful friendship with is named George. He was the most kind, gentle, and carefree individual in the NICU. When my sister first told me about the different nurses, I was all like "George? Are you kidding me?" but she was not kidding. We felt so close to George that we even sent him a Christmas card last December. Hopefully, it was not to weird (haha), we wanted him to see our family and how well Bryar was doing.

As we entered the reunion we saw a lot of the nurses that I had become close to over the time that we spent there. Each of them are SO sweet and special to us in their own way. One nurse that cared for Bryar as much as George did, is now expecting her second child. She was the nurse that was on Bryar's watch while I was giving him a bottle, and he started to reflux then his feeding tube came out of his belly and throw is mouth. Ah, it was awful! I think she is one of the most special women to me out of the entire hospital although she probably has no idea how wonderful she is.

We were finally able to see George when he came down from the nursery. He was quickly surrounded so it is easy to see that Mr. George is a very loved and well thought of nurse. All in all it was such a please to see him and to be able to catch up with him before having to leave. He did mention to Curtis that he was thinking about retiring. I pray that he does not, being that the chances of us having another preemie baby are very likely. Although, we do not know what is in store for our family in the future. George did tell Curtis that he had hoped that we would be there and that was one of the reasons that he came down from the nursery to see the guests. He also loved B's huge smile and said that he can tell that "he lives a great life" from his personality and he knew that he would never have to worry about him. I am pretty sure that this made Curtis fell ten feet tall, in fact I know it did and it made me feel the same.

Yesterday was NICU nurses day and although I had thought to take our NICU staff treats like got in the way. If you know a NICU nurse or any "hero" for the matter, be sure to tell them thank you because you never know how far a thank you can go!


Brian & Ashley said...

Two cute boys! So thankful they're doing so well now.

Becca said...

I bet those NICU reunions are full of tears and lots of smiles. Such cute little guys!

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