Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Little House On The Prairie Birthday!

I'm This Saturday we hosted Charli Beth's 9th birthday party. She has been super ecstatic about her party since picking her theme. It was the perfect fit for her and the type of little girl she is. Her cowgirl lifestyle has stuck with her to be true and this year she was able to break into a pioneer style as well. 

She has always loved watching Little House on The Prairie, especially since having a teacher who spoke frequently of it. I love the fact that she would much rather watch this show rather than Liv & Maddie or whatever their names are...

This was the most easy party for me to plan as we practically had everything between my Mom and I. My entire family loves old ragged quilts and antiques. It's just something about old items that just bring out the simple things of life. Which is what Laura Ingalls Wilder was all about, right? 

It took me sometime to decide what activities or games that we would have. Then after realizing that nine year old girls, only want to invite girls it made me decision a lot easier. Over the last year I have been making our own jam and a few preserves. I'm not a professional at it by any means but it's easy and tasty, so I figured this would be a great task! 

I decided it was best to go ahead and have the strawberries sliced to save from any major malfunctions. We spilt up into groups to not have too many girls at each station, then we passed the berries around and let each girl take a turn in smashing. After the smashing was complete we stired the sugar and pectin together, then each girl was able to mix it all together. We let the combination sit while the girls finished up their other projects.

The next station was the sewing circle! This happened to be the most favorite of all. The girls worked so hard on their embroidery hearts! Charli's Meme taught them what to do and they turned out perfectly. 

We also made butter which was easy as pie and the girls loved it. Several of the irks asked to make extra to take home to their sisters. 

Before the party I asked on Facebook for any Moms to save their baby food jars for me. Luckily, I'm friends with several sweet ladies and had two grocery sacks full in no time. (Yes, I did boil, and soak the jars.) I found a recipe on Pinterest. Which called for Heavy whipping cream, 1 marble for each container and lots of shaking. It took around a solid three minutes of shaking for the butter to form. 

I made banana bread with chocolate chips and a loaf without as well. Each girl that wanted was able to try their butter right away. 

We also has a teepee up as the Indian Territory for the girls. My Mother in law purchased this a few years ago for the kids at a yard sale. They absolutely love it and comes in handy on rainy days. Inside of the Indian Territory I placed Indian beads for the girls to make necklaces in their spare time. I purchased the beads and the string for $1 each at Mighty Dollar (A.K.A the best store ever) 

I found this little note on Pinterest and thought it would be a sweet addition. 

Each girl has a lunch pail waiting for them with turkey on sourdough bread, an apple and popcorn balls. The cans were from my church and I put the holes in them one afternoon then threaded the twine through. They turned out too cute! I added muslin fabric inside to give it more of a Little House on The Prairie look. Just be careful to watch prices on muslin - go for the cheap and use the hobby lobby coupon!

After the girls ate Charli Beth blew out her candle and we served the girls cake on pie tins. Charli's Meme made the cake and it was requested to be strawberry, I must say that it was absolutely delicious! She's quiet the cake decorater as well! 

Pictures of children blowing out their candles are just so very priceless to me. 

Charli then sat down in a rocker and opened gifts with her friends. She is one blessed little girl. 

We wrapped up the party with the girls gathering their homemade treats in their lunch pails and heading off to play for the last few minutes. This party was so simple, yet so fun! Time flew by and I realized just how much fun her age is even though I wish she could stay itty bitty forever!

Here's a sneak peak at what Charli Beth received for her birthday...

We think she makes the perfect Laura Ingalls ;) 


Morgan said...

I love this idea...great job, Momma!

Party of Five said...

What a cool idea.. Love the decor too!

Stacy Dick said...

Just ran across your blog after you visited mine. I love her birthday party. What a neat idea!!!

Kelley said...

OMGosh, this is the cutest!! You did a great job and I'm sure the girls LOVED it.

Hannah said...

I love this idea so much!!!

Hannah said...

I love this idea so much!!

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam, and Dylan Too! said...

What a fun birthday party! I love all the details!

Erin said...

Cutest party ever!! You should totally be a party planner!!!

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