Sunday, April 19, 2015

She's Just A Little Girl

As a teenager I put myself {and my Mom} through many stages. I wanted to be like my big sister. I wanted to be cool, be on the "in" crowd and of course wear the trends that made me look fashionable. I never realized the difference in how I could have been stylish in my own modest way. I just didn't understand... 

Then I became a Mom to a 9 year old little girl. 

While she was an infant and a toddler I never put much thought into things being too short. We wore ruffles, bows and my gracious the smocked dresses just made my heart skip five beats! I just adored all the little girlie items. Then she started to grow, and as she started to grow her style did as well. My budget became tighter as we expanded our family and the pocket book decided to not throw out money for the boutique items any longer. 

Now I'm stuck. 

I walked through the rows of Kohls today. I looked left and shook my head. I looked right, picked up a shirt only to notice it was a crop top (aka belly shirt) and slung it back on the rack. I'm sure my reaction was almost as if it was a giant green booger rather than a shirt. But I was disgusted. I still am. I want to be able to find my child clothes that are cute, sweet, age appropriate and affordable. 

Should it really be this hard to find a shirt or a spring outfit? Why are we as a nation pushing for our children to grow up SO incredibly fast? The lace, has got to go. The bellies need to be covered, the pockets being longer than the cut off shorts need to be stopped. 

Just stop for a second, and look at her. 

She's just a little girl! That's her stuffed animal horse Buttercup behind her. She's sleeping with her Momma tonight as Daddy is hunting. She isn't ready for the world to view her as a grown up, and neither am I! She has SO much time to grow and be sparkles and design her own style. So, why not just let her be little? 

Offer us realistic outfits that shows this sweet age for what it is. Sweet sets to slow the roles and doesn't make the eye rolling, hair flipping and back talking come any quicker than need be. Give ME the chance to be able to shop with my only daughter and be excited to have found adorable clothing items, rather than leaving disappointed that little brother hit the jackpot. Because of course buying a train t-shirt and grey shorts is super easy to come by. Then again, I did see a shirt in size 2-4 that said "Waiting for my bread to grow." Uhm, no. He's waiting to go home, take a nap, wake up and be a Ninja Cowboy. Because he's a little boy. 

Why wish for our babies to grow up so much quicker than neccassary? Why not set the example to the children that we can be stylish and cute without spending a fortune. There are only so many conversations and fashion shows that I can continue to have with my daughter to show her what is appropriate all while the world is showing her differently. It's discouraging as a parent.  

I'm asking you as a company or as a designer to just let me daughter be the little girl that she is. I will then forever love the company that wins my heart all while teaching girls it's okay to be theirselves, their size, and most of all their age. 


Lollipops & Pig Tails said...

I agree! I do not like 75% of what we find while out shopping. The store Justice is popular in Hailey Grace's current school and It makes me want to throw up. She hasn't been but one of her friends gets to wear stuff daily. I recently found a few things at TJ MAXX for very inexpensive and long maxi dresses that are not too tight at Sam's. The dresses were around $13! If you have either close, check them out.

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam, and Dylan Too! said...

I completely understand! I have a difficult time finding age appropriate clothing for Lexie!

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