Tuesday, June 2, 2015

American Hero

 I'll forever teach my children to love everyone, because respect is something that is so very important to our family. We teach to look people in the eye, use manners, shake with a firm hand, and always hold the door open for the next person behind you. We say our prayers at bed time, and of course we consistently pray for the lost; which even includes the ones who stray away from a Christ-like life. We fail miserably at a lot of things within our day to day life, but one thing I will forever try to do is not teach hate.

Someone's choice of life style may be the far end of the spectrum to us. We may completely disagree and even turn up our nose without even thinking of it. But I will never shame them to my children.

But something I do have an issue with, is of course the media.

Constantly we are exposed to things that the Media is backlashing on or asking our opinions about. It can be a Mother breast feeding her infant at a table while barely exposed, or a police officer who arrests a mother after she tries to flee from them. There are too many things to mention that the media tries to stir the pot on. They make us into a social media civil war by throwing normal, simple agenda items into a mix of hate. Then they give us....

Bruce Jenner
AKA "Caitlyn"

We hear beautiful, amazing, courageous...American Hero.

And after the last one I wanted to throw my remote at the TV, slam my Ipad into the wall and just scream at how frustrating American views are becoming.

Wikipedia describes a hero as,  a person or character who, in the fact of danger and adversity or from a position of weakness, displays courage or self-sacrifice.

We can describe a man, who decided to change into a woman for self happiness an American Hero. But we can tell a veteran in Georgia that she is wrong for standing up to the college students for stomping the American flag. We yell "Cover up!" to the Mom who is feeding her crying baby while it is hungry. We turn our backs to the police officers who protect our streets from harm. The teachers that teach during the school year are reprimanded for being too "firm" with a child. If you can notice not one of the people are fulfilling an obligation for theirselves.

An American Hero is a selfless person. Someone who reacts for the betterment of others. Not for self happiness.

We continually tell women by our public image that they are not good enough, small enough, or smart enough. We are consistently trying to make Women into more. While we praise a man for becoming a woman? It just blows my mind. 

In the beginning a laughed at the jokes, rolled my eyes, and even made comments that medals should be taken away. Then I started thinking that in reality it isn't my place my judge someone for what they have decided to become. I became a young Mother at an early age and even though she is the best thing that could of ever happened to me, I really hate when other snarl at me for that part of my life. We all do things that we shouldn't have, and most of us have grown from it. It makes us into who we are and hopefully we become better from it. But we do this by the grace of God. We are all lost, all buried within the items of the world. Although, it's when we find ourselves through the gospel that makes our lives really count. 

It isn't a judgement but only a fact that it will never change that Bruce Jenner is still Bruce Jenner. Each and every day, no matter the surgeries or the enhancements. Deep within his core, he will always be a male striving to be a female. It isn't a choice to pick which gender you are. It's not a freedom that our men and women died for. He didn't sacrifice anything to become a Catilyn with a C. So he is far from anything to be considered an American Hero. 

As a Mother I just cannot help but to pray that my children never forget the true definition of a hero. I will continue to take them to parades with brave men and women marching while they wear their veteran hats. I will encourage them to thank the eldery couple sitting next to us at a restaurant for serving our country.  I will smile while my son gives a high five to a police officer, or hugs his teacher as we leave school. I will never teach them to have a false identity and to be someone who has life full of selfish regrets. 

A true example of an American Hero:

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Anonymous said...

Must feel nice up on that Ivory Tower. Please don't passive aggressively pretend to be open minded. Your choice to have a baby at an early age has no impact on my life nor does it cause any harm to me so why should I care, judge, let it upset me or cause me to blog about it? Is Caitlyn directly affecting your life in any way? Tolerance includes everyone not just who you cherry pick.

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