Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Love of Work

I will never forget when my Husband and I started dating, he laughed at the fact that I never wanted to leave my small town. Little did he know, I would sweep him off his feet and he would marry me in a few short months. But, the laughs really came into place when I packed our bags and headed into a busier much more occupied county than the one I had been a citizen of for so long. We live in area that is still very rural. Even though the transportation department seems to be taking every inch of our front yard, we are cornered with a farm for many acres behind us. 

But, that isn't what it's all about. 

It isn't the land, or the scenery that comes wth rural areas that I love so much. It's the people. The love, wisdom, work ethic and pure genuine souls that come from small towns that I love so much. If you instantly just thought of an elderly man, that you've practically adopted as a Grandpa then you know what I'm speaking of. I have several. They're all different. But one thing they all know, is work. 

We instill into our children so much entitlement and wants during their childhood. We give them things, before they ever have to work for them. We get hungry and just drop what we're doing to run to Chick Fil A. Because what kid doesn't need to trade in their toy for ice cream? Mine do

We may give our children a little too much, too often. But we also want them to know work, and how to work for what they want. Charli has always been able to save money properly. She saved her birthday cash and funds for two years before we helped buy a horse. 

Although, we haven't ever really made her, do a lot of extra work. Of course she does chores around the house, and cleaned her horses barn. So this year we decided to teach her the life of tobacco. 

Curtis and I both were helping hands as children. I typically walked behind the setter, and gathered leaves during stripping seasons. Curtis had much more experience in all aspects, being that his family still raises. This past weekend, we took Charli Beth and taught her how to walk behind the setter, and place the plants that were missing, pick up the extras or fix the mistakes. 

She worked hard in her time, and honestly didn't complain one time. With every two rows we made, she would get a drink of water and come back running. I literally caught myself smiling through the heat and moments of, "Why are all of these plants messed up?" When a string pulled them backwards by mistake. She loves to work outside and I love the memories that she will make during her times of helping. 

While we worked, we started talking about how child labor laws were different now. How farmers and parents have to be more careful in how they labor their own. It was almost comical as we both thought back to even stories we were told as children. Both of Charli Beth's grandparents are blessed with hardworking genes. Although, one comes from farming and the other within transportation I feel blessed that our children know what work is and that it must be accomplished to get to the next day. 

We aren't slave drivers, nor will we ever make our children work their childhood summer away. We are parents who love our children, and are hopeful that they pick up the love and knowledge for accomplishment through workful lessons. 

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