Monday, June 8, 2009

More Pageant days...

This weekend has been beautiful, busy and the best ever! I managed to ask off for Saturday because I knew it was going to be a little to busy and tiresome to handle. So I got two hours of sleep and headed out w/ Mom and Charli Beth to a nearby town for the Little Miss & Mister Barren River. Charli was in the 3-4 year old age group this time. (I know she is growing up way to fast! Where does time go?) The little girls before her walked up on stage all by their selves like "big girls" so Charli just had to do this also.

I kinda knew deep down that whenever she went up there she was going to be very shy and I was right! (who would of thought that?) She did manage to make it infront of the judges and wave a little bit. Charli did great for her first time on stage by herself! The girls then went back on stage all together, and did turns and the announcer asked the ladies "what their favorite foods were." They all gave the cutest little answers, besides...Charli!!! She wouldn't speak to them! If you know Charli girl in person, I'm sure you know this is not like her what-so-ever! The girl will talk your head off! haha! I guess she got a bit of stage fright but she did perfect either way! We managed to get 3rd place and she was so excited about her trophy!

All of the girls on stage together

*Stage fright* poor baby!

Picture for the paper; Little miss, 2nd place, 3rd, and I'm not exactly sure what the other two received. I'm sure it's photogenic and eyes!

After the pageant, Mom, Charli Beth and I had plenty of time to waste before the baby shower we were to attend. So we headed to a bakery, shopping, and to Buckhead for snacks! Charli had to carry her trophy into every store we went into! I'm sure people didn't think it was as cute and sweet as her Nana and I did! We had a great day spending time together besides my "zoning out" from no sleep =) haha!

The baby shower was amazing also. We were able to see great friends that we haven't seen in years, and that always makes for a good day! The shower was for one of my sister's and I best friends while growing up, Wendy. We spent practically everyday together through my pre-teen and teen years. We all drifted apart as I changed schools and they got older. She (sadly) now lives in GA with her Husband that is in the Army. They are due August 10th I believe, but she is measuring 4 weeks early. Please keep them in your prayers that the baby will be fine and ready whenever it's time to welcome him into the world! Also Wendy's husband Randy will be out of town with the Army the entire month of July, and will not be there for the birth of his baby! I can't imagine how either of them feel. Her Mother will be staying from the first of July until Andrew Preston arrives. Which is great! There is nothing better than having your Momma by your side =)

Having this Saturday night off has really spoiled me, I absolutely loved it and would give anything to have a few off every now and then! Beggers can't be choosers though! Right Momma? I have more pictures to share with your of Charli from the weekend but I'll wait until I come back into work today at three! I just wish that 6 would hurry up.. I'm oh so sleepy for some reason & it's a full moon if that tells you anything about my night! Hope you guys have a great week!


heather said...

Charli looks very cute! congrats on 3rd place!

Lea Liz said...

AWW Charli lokos so adorable!! Congrats on 3rd place! She is usch a ebautiful ltitle girl! I love the pictures of you and her! How sweet to have a little girl!!

Becca said...

COngratulations Charli Beth! She is too adorable! I love the silly pictures- they are the best!

Jessica said...

thanks so much! he is a handful already! wow that is crazy that charli was almost riley! great minds DO think alike! :0) congrats on her pageant! she is adorable & i LOVE that she carried her trophy around w her everywhere that day! too cute!

Two Little Lambs said...

Congrats on 3rd place! Her dress is beautiful. Love the pink bow too.

Nichele Lynn said...

The Silly Faces made me laugh out loud. Im pretty sure I just got the dirtest looks from everyone sitting around me! haha

Constant Family said...

Congratulations on 3rd place. She looked adorable, as usual. Hope you enjoyed your night off.

It is funny that you can tell when it is a full moon by all the nuts that come out.

♥..Kim said...

Ok I finally have time to comment. :) I loved the pictures! Congrats to baby girl, she is such a cutie! I will keep them in my prayers. Please also pray for me. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Charli Beth!! I love all those pictures thank you for sharing your life with us!! I will pray for your friend!

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