Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wish List Wednesday!!

I found this on The Roland's blog and immediately new that I had to participate on this blog! I have enough on my "wish list" to play a long every week.
(Because dispatchers just aren't paid enough; or at least this one isn't!)

A house. An old white farm house to be exact, for my first home that is..I'll think of what I want forever later. (It doesn't have to be this big either..I just love the house, and yes it is from The Notebook)

I'm a huge animal lover, and always wanting to take on a new adventure of owning an animal. Growing up my family and I always had dalmatians as our family pets. I know what people say about them, but I just love them. Hopefully here soon...Charli and I will find a beautiful dog to finally call ours!

Just about every list I have looked at, has had a pool. I do not mind the shape size, in ground, above ground, color what, as long as it's big enough for my hind end I'll take it =)

So I've been waiting very patiently (yea right?) for NREMT to send my EMT number so that I could start applying for other part time positions in the surrounding counties. Come to find out, after calling them, and our state office, then NREMT back, I've found that there is a paper that my instructor and I were both to sign and fax to them. I wonder why I wasn't aware of this? I just wish he would get on the ball and sign it. I'm to impatient!!!

So last night and tonight after dinner I've been craving oreos and milk. Sadly, my dear Mom used them all for dirt cake on Saturday for the cookout. I suppose that is a good thing, because there is some much un-needed weight around here that is soon to go before vacation time but this is why it's a wish list, right?

I loved this & plan to do it every week I do believe!!

I've been an awful blogger this week due to the fact that Charli girl has had strep throat. She is thankfully getting better and her temps are staying down. What a blessing that is! Her temps were getting so high at night that it felt like the bed was on fire. I've always thought it is strange how childrens temps get so much higher at night than during the day. Charli has febrile seizures so it's always a scare for us whenever she has a temperature. She's only had one seizure, which was last March and that was scary enough for me. Her airway actually closed off long enough for her to turn blue, thankfully I was able to clear it and we were at my work so it didn't take EMS long to get here.
  • I promise to get those Evan pictures posted very soon, please contiue to remember this family in your prayers.
  • Also remember the Mac's that are the parents of Cora Paige that passed away at only 10 short months of spending with her family. These wonderful parents are expecting again, and I'm sure they would love your prayers too.


Lea Liz said...

Love your wish list girl!!! Sorry Charli Girl has been sick but I do hope she is feeling much better!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh!! I love this idea. I might just start doing it on my blog =)

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