Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Give some - Get Some.

So lets be honest for a minute and just say that marriage is, hard work, difficult, frustrating but worth every.single.bit of the work that goes into it. No, I am not an expert by any means especially due to the fact that I have now been married for only 6 months and 3 days. But this year we have went through a lot together. A lot of ups and a lot of downs, but I swear to you I have never loved this man more than I do in this moment.

We have struggled, heck we still struggle but we know to always love one another. (This is what counts at the end of the day.) No marriage is perfect but how can it be whenever you are taking two people who have always lived their lives "their" way and are clashing them together. After you go through the "honeymoon" phase you are then trying to make your life work in the exact routine of the other persons, no matter if it is not the same as yours.

It is hard work even if it is a simple tasks as doing the laundry the same. But the point is you must give a little to get a little out of a marriage (no pun intended...) I think this has been one of my biggest faults throughout the beginning of our marriage - not being able to do everything my way.

I always thought that being married to a Police Officer would be an easy task, being that I have been around them constantly at work for the past four years. But to say it simply, I was completely wrong. (Do not get used to hearing those words come from me though) I thought that I would understand the late nights, the long hours, the stressful calls, but I do not whenever it comes to the love of my life, my best friend. Maybe this is me being selfish? I am not sure. I never really got that I was having a hard time with this until now since Bryar has been born. I need him more than ever and I need him safe. But I know that he loves his career and he puts a ton of pride into what he does and I am so proud of the things that Gunner and him accomplish each night. So this my friends is me saying it "loudly & proudly" that I will stop being selfish and will start giving a little more than need be because this is what makes a good marriage work (as well as surrounding your marriage with the Lord of course.)


Ashlynn said...

You know I can totally relate on being married to a police officer. Just today, Jimmy was in court all day long and is now working all night long. He didn't even get a chance to come home and nap. It frustrates me so much that he gives so much and gets so little in return :( You are right, it's hard, but hang in there!

Anonymous said...

You all are wonderful together! i'm soooo glad you found happiness! always work hard and but God above anything and you will be blessed!

Brian & Ashley said...

Good post! Pretty pictures!

Katie said...

I hear you girl!! Marriage is HARD! But soooo very worth it!! My husband and I got married really quickly then had a (sick) baby and moved 2,000 miles away from our family during our first year of marriage. Thinking about that first year now makes me laugh. We both had to learn a lot about each other and figure out that whole give and take thing. Throwing a baby and a little kid in the mix definitely makes things crazy but it does get easier, I promise! You seem to have a good attitude about it all so you will be fine! :)

Kaci said...

Hard work is right. Beautiful pictures. =)

LAURA@laurasblondemoments said...

Hey Paige :)

First of all I love this post and it's so true to life. It's hard work and I found it to be the hardest after having Ryder and even harder now managing another baby. It's easy to get consumed with motherly duties and forget the wifely duties. Now we're trying to balance me staying at home and being around one another 24/7. Yes even laundry starts an argument at our house too ha! I will tell him not to shrink my pants or use stinky detergent or not to dump whites and darks together!

Edwin and Jess said...

I know exactly what you mean girl! Being married is hard enough...then having them be a police officer and deal with the shifts, long hours, and praying they make it home safe only adds to the stress...then throw a kid in the mix and it's exhausting. I've always said being a police officer's wife is like another full time job in itself!

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