Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Letter To Myself - 25 & Mom of 2

Lately, my Mommy heartstrings have really been tugging at a few things that I am failing at. We all go through the slap in the face moments when we realize that we are kind of sucking. Most of the time I am realizing that I am sucking as a wife, but I am pretty sure that was last week self conscious woe that kept me feeling guilty. But today, I know that I rock as a Mom and a Wife but I do know that there are a few things that I must work on to become an even better one.

Do I feel that it is necessary to blog out all of my fails? Never. But I do know that I come back and read my posts from time to time and one day I may be failing at these things again so this is me writing a letter to my self at 25 and a Mom to two.

Dear Paige,

There are times in your adventure of Mommy hood that your children are going to make you angry, disappoint you and confuse you. But is it honestly necessary to tell them exactly how you feel every single time? Not at all. I know that you are not good at this, but you must pick your battles with everyone especially your kids. They will remember the smallest moments, and sadly the ones that you really do not want them to remember they will. Don't you remember your kitten named Grits? If not, just ask your Mom.

That cell phone is still going to be there when you are finished rocking the baby to sleep. Put it down. Social media is only a lust that can wait. You will still be Boots, Bows & The 5 oh when Charli gets finished reading her book too. Their questions can wait, moments with your babies cannot. They are growing every second, and these times you cannot get back. You can scroll down and catch up on all of the instagram photos later.

Isn't a tad ridiculous that when you see Bryar snuggling Charli Beth that you automatically think "I have to post a photo of this to IG" and your second thought is I pray I remember these moments forever?

Be a listener. Stop thinking and open your ears and heart when Charli speaks to you. She needs you and Bryar will too. But right now, they both need you in different ways learn to be the Mom you need to be for both of them without spreading yourself to thin. (Because when you do, you become unnormally evil then it lashes out on your Husband.)

Fights are not something you want them to hear. Bryar even at his young of an age can be molded by this. Show Curtis the respect and love that you want Charli to show her future Husband. Pray for Curtis with Charli, most all show her how to be the Christian that you pray for her to be.

Help Bryar become more independent. Mommy isn't always going to be there for him to be rocked or loved on every time he is ready for bed. I have no advice on this one, because obviously you have been trying lots of things.

Learn to not be frustrated when they do not get something correct. Frustration on one side, causes it to become on both sides. It makes you sad to see someone aggravated at you and especially with your work. Remember "the golden rule" when you get snarky with Charli for misspelling a word that you two have worked on a million times.

Lastly, remember that Motherhood is a tough journey, no one said it was easy but the Lord did make you strong enough for the job. They say it takes a village to raise a child so remember that this journey is NOT all on you and it is okay to have a few minutes to yourself or with your Husband. You are lead by wonderful examples, two that you are blessed to be able to call Mothers. So follow the path that you know best and their advice, you will get through the crummiest days and nights.

Now go to bed before Bryar wakes up, again.

Keep calm & Mommy on,

You Tired of Sucking As a Mom Self 


Heather @ Cookies For Breakfast said...

Oh goodness gracious, it's like you wrote this letter directly to me! I need to remember all of these things! So many good points in here (the cell phone will still be there when the baby falls asleep, and "I need to IG this!" being my two notable faves!).

Thanks for the much needed reminder, mama :)

5ohWifey said...

Girl, I've been sucking at this stuff too! I love this letter to yourself. Know that you are not alone in this- that lots of us go through this too. Love ya!

Kaci said...

Ugh, I should write something similar to this. XOXO

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