Thursday, November 8, 2012

Randoms About The Kiddos.

I thought that it would be fun to post some random facts about both of my littles to look back on later. Obviously, I will have more facts for Charli Beth since she is older and very talkative.

Charli Beth:
1. She cannot pick a favorite color. It honestly changes every day.
2. Horses are her favorite animal.
3. She has a huge fear of swallowing something in her sleep. (This is no joke. So real I almost took her to the ER one night because she thought she did.)
4. Her math skills are amazing. I have NO idea where she got this. Not from me!
5. Instead of ridiculous she says dick less, and then I die.
6. "Dang it" is "bang it" to her.
7. She has asked for a cheeseburger in her sleep, and held her finger in the air all night after dreaming she was stung by a bee.
8. She majorly freaks out about bugs,.
9. Every night before I come to bed, I have to go move her back onto hers because he is always falling off.
10. She is like living with a member of high school musical. The girl breaks out into song and dance all the time.
11. Her dream career is to be a horse trainer.
12. She changes Bryar's diapers better than Curtis.
13. She is in Girl Scouts, and is starting CloverBuds (4-h) next week to learn more about horses.
14. CB is kind of like a man, if she stirs cake mix or heats something in the microwave, she has in deed made the entire meal.
15. When we go to my parents church, she sings with the adult choir, and holds a hymn book like she can actually read it. It is honestly, the sweetest thing ever. I wish I was brave enough to take in a camera to get a photo.
16. Veggies are her favorite. Papaw calls her his " little turnip green" because they both love them so much.

1. He has only slept through the night a handful of times.
2. He would rather have a straw sippy than the regular.
3. When I eat he baby cusses me out by screaming "rah rah baba ba yahh" until he gets a bite of it too. Curtis says it is so embarrassing, but I know this is only the beginning.
4. When I give him a bite, he thanks me with an open mouth kiss. It's the sweetest thing.
5. He is really bad about hitting smaller babies in the head then hugging them. We are really working on this.
6. He loves to wrestle with Charli, in which they both love to give me heart attacks.
7. I cannot sing a lick, but he loves it a lot and falls asleep instantly...or maybe that means he hates it?
8. Bath time is his favorite. When the water is going down the drain, he cries and yells bye.
9. He really loves to throw things, from little people (toys of course) to balls. We are working on this, but his listening skills are still a working progress.
10. We dance a lot when he hears any time of music. Mostly just head boppin' but he is a country white boy, so I am sure this is all of the mad dance skills he will develop.

Anyone want to play along? Leave me a comment and let me know if you post random facts, I would love to read them!


HickChickBritt said...

I am making one right now, it will be up soon! Thanks for the idea.

Mandy said...

The whole "being afraid of swallowing something when you sleep" is NO JOKE! I am the exact same way and have been my whole life. I used to ask my mom to tape my mouth shut at night so nothing could crawl in. I'm pretty sure the older I got I just trained myself to sleep with my mouth makes me antsy just thinking about it!!!

Anna & Kirby said...

I love open-mouth kisses! I'm going to do a post on Kaden's kisses soon...

Kristen said...

Hey I added my random facts. Thanks for the idea!! I seriously think I could have gone on and on.

Kaci said...

Awh wtg Charlie Beth! Bryar's lips are perfect! =)

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

What a great way to document those little facts!

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