Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My Husbands Wife

So there is this woman that is told that she needs to be a little more feminine when it comes to guns and/or protecting her babies. She has said it a million times that she has zero fear in taking the life of someone who tries to harm the ones that she loves. I personally think she is pretty cool. But what do I know? Ha! Sometimes this comes across with the approach that I never have fear while my husband is at work. Which is absolutely incorrect.

Do I have faith that he can handle a situation? Most definitely. Would I expect him to take a shot if it depended on his life, one of his brothers in blue, or someone else's? Yes. I give praise to the men who never second guess these decisions. When they do, it worries the fire out of me.

But one thing that will never change is my worry for him. When he calls just to tell me he loves us, or about a call he just experienced I feel a knot in my stomach. Not that I will go into any details but yesterday was one of those experiences. This person had no fear in taking my husbands life. Which just to be honest pisses me off to high heavens. How dare this subject be so okay with taking his life for no reason other than doing his job. Officers are not out to personally "get" people, they are there to do their job. I will just never understand our world of jack legs who think a few nights in jail is worth precious blood of our officers. Last night after helping Curtis clean uniform items up he thanked me. My only response was thank you for staying alive. It seems utterly ridiculous to say this but truly I thankful for his safety.

I stand firm in my belief of gun rights. Because I truly know that no matter what laws or what anyone says guns and other weapons will always be in the hands of crazy. For this I ask that you as mothers and wives become aware of the weapons in your home, and educate yourself. We never know the timing or place where an incident may occur. They do not always have to be on duty for someone to think they have the upper hand.

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Brandi said...

Amen sister!! I totally believe that even with stricter gun laws, crazies will still be able to get ahold of guns. I support our 2nd amendment rights!!!!!!!

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