Saturday, September 7, 2013

Another Week Flown By...

I did it, again. One day I will just quit saying, "I'm going to be better at blogging." And just do it. One day...

This week and next week are probably some of the busiest we have experienced in quiet sometime. My sister in law is getting married in exactly one week! We will spend this time preparing and celebrating for her soon to be Husband and herself. This time has truly flown by since they were engaged a year ago! 

Yesterday, we had two extra little bugs at home with us. My nephew Trace and Charli girl. Trace and I share a bday on Wednesday {9/11} but we are celebrating his birthday today with a train themed party! Charli Beth took the day off from school due to a stye. She has been dealing with her eye bothering her since Monday. She woke up with the corner looking very terrible, almost as if it had been scrapped. Then as it got better, I started getting sore and puffy. She had a substitute teacher today as well. So i decided to let her rest her eye instead of the sub worrying.

I entered this photo in a local radio station contest called, "Show Us You Boots." The contest was put on to pick 3 winners to meet Randy Houser, Justin Rivers and Brent Rupard backstage at a concert. Luckily enough, we won! So Charli Beth and I are going to head out tomorrow night for a little girl time and country music. Curtis is actually working security at this event, which is even better! 

As you can see in the next picture down B woke up Thuraday morning broke out in hives. At first I was worried that it was Hand Foot Mouth. But thankfully, after reassurance from the doctors office I decided it was indeed hives, again. The photo above is after his decoded dose of Benadryl. 

Bryar is down to one long nap a day but he tries to hold out for as long as possible. A lot of days we will just sit next to one another and he will fall asleep on my shoulder. One day he will sleep this easily at night as well. One day... 

Charli Beth finally got to play her favorite position on Tuesday. She actually played very well and was very fast for her age. But stopping the ball with the extra equipment was a little bit of a different story. 

I'm just going to be honest and say that the team we played that night had absolutely no class. They would make sometime of a barking noise every time a girl got up to bat. It's 8 and under people, just shut up and play the sport. I do not believe it effected our girls but it drove me nutty. They also tagged in the face, and run purposely over to knock girls down when being tagged. It is truly a different experience in 8 and under for us. Charli's team has not even came close to winning a game. It's almost sad how much more inexperienced this team is than the rest. Most teams are at least half travel teams or more. It just baffles me that the league will set them up this way. What fun it is to watch them get completely slaughtered every game...not! End of rant. 

Bryar is becoming obsessed with lights and sirens. Any vehicle that we come across (besides and tractor and semi, he knows they belong to Pa and Papaw) he says, "Daddy" at a hundred times. One of the perks of being a toddler and having a daddy that is a deputy is the trips to see blue lights. 

It's actually 4:30 a.m. and I am laying here blogging. I cannot help but to call myself an idiot. But have you ever had those times were you just feel so busy that you're restless? That's me. Not to mention, my son is obsessed with sleeping on the couch half way through the night and I have a little toddler foot jabbed into my spine. 

Oh the joys... 

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