Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Balloons, Tunes & BBQ!

This weekend thanks to a contest that I won from 95.1 wggc, Charli and I shared a Mommy Daughter date to Balloons, Tunes and BBQ. We had a busy day but all day Charli was overly ecstatic about being able to meet country singers. She woke me up early that morning asking that I play their YouTube videos, again. 

Before we left for the concert and the kiddos and I celebrated my nephews birthday with our family. He had the cutest little "CHOO CHOO Trace is 2" party. Not to mention that Bryar loves trains rich now as well! 

When the party was over Charli B and I headed towards the event. We were running behind but eventually made it just  in time to meet Justin Rivers. 

He was incredibly sweet and was the most personable of the three singers. Not to mention, hello he is cuteeee! ;)

After finishing photographs with him we headed over to let Charli play in the bounce houses. At this point I was actually so glad that B was unable to attend. The amount of craziness and unruly children was beyond belief. An hour later we went back to the stage to let Charli meet Brent Rupard. We honestly are not familiar with him but hey... It's another celebrity checked off her list. 

We then had a picnick supper on a blanket next to our car. Charli drank an entire sunkist and before we were finished eating she was up dancing to te music. It was hilarious. She never gets drinks like that and when someone told her that they liked her dance moves, she said "I never drink sunkist an it's soooo good! I drank the entire bottle." Oh Mom fail. But atleast it was super funny! 

There were so many people to meet Randy Houser so our time with him was extremely limited. But the "awws" and band members of his saying "that girl has had her photo taken a time or two" was totally worth jt. After meeting handsome Randy we decided to ride a few of the carnival type rides. I'm honestly not a fan of them,  just because of safety issues. But to have some fun I let her pick two. By the time we were finished she was tired and Randy Houser's concert had yet to be started so we headed back to pick Bryar up. 

It was an extremely long Saturday but so much fun spending time with Charli. It's amazing how fast our children grow and mature. It seems like yesterday that her and I would have weekly dates or movies nights. I miss her little soul so much and it was a great reminder of no matter how much she grows up she is still my precious girl. 


Rebecca Jo said...

You 2 in your boots are just the cutest! :)

Jamie said...

How fun, cute pictures!!

HickChickBritt said...

You guys are just so incredibly cute! So did I read that right, after all that you didn't even stay for the concert? haha She must've crashed from her Sunkist high.

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