Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Mysterious Case of Hives

We have really been struggling the past few days. It's been a nonstop battle of hives since Friday morning. At first we thought it was another case of roseola but then they got bigger and more extreme. 

My sister in law's wedding was yesterday, and on Friday we celebrated with a dinner after the rehearsal. He ate amazingly well but as the night went on we could tell that they were returning. 

Saturday morning when we woke up, I panicked. I think it's one of the only times that I have ever cried while being scared and sad for him. He was completely covered in huge hives. Not only were the hives scary but his diaper was dry. Which is totally unlike Mr. Bryar. We knew that with how much he drank at dinner and ate as well, he should of been at least somewhat wet. My hair appointment was at 9:15 for my bridesmaid hair style, but I knew that the little ring bearer had to find some type of relief before 3:30. 

So we hauled it to his doctors office. I cannot lie and say that I was driving speed limit. Because I was scared. Like seriously worried that swelling or more may occur at anytime. 

Our wonderful pediatrician did confirm that they were hives. I was the annoying Mommy that showed her a million photos and told her every single sign or symptom. Even though he had ran a low grade temp for a few days prior, she did say that it could be from the viral or other. 

I did ask to be allergy tested and she did think it was a good idea. In which, I plan to make him an appointment tomorrow. She started him on 4 ml of Benadryl, a daily steroid dose and we will start Zyrtec. 

By 12, B looked a million times better. I was so thankful for him and my sister in law. I know it will be a sweet memory down the road but even the photographer said we would not be able to cover his spots. 

As the night went on and his steroid ran its course the hives started coming back. By 4 this morning we were up driving the roads and having horrible crying spells. His hives are back and took even longer to leave for the most part today. 

It's 4:30 now and the hives are now small or faded in some what. I cannot help but to say how thankful I am that he is not feeling to bad with all of this. It's super scary as a parent but I know it could be worse. 

I just pray that we can find the cause quickly, since we have not changed or tried anything new. Please continue to pray for my little B as he struggles through this process. 


Christie5 said...

Hi! Although I've never commented before I've been reading your blog for a while now. You family is beautiful and I hate that B is going through this! I felt the need to comment though, because like you I have a 15 month old little girl named Claire with crazy sensitive skin and I fought the battle you have been fighting for what seemed like FOREVER! Her skin would randomly flare up, mainly when she would get warm, and look identical to this with no real rhyme or reason that her Dr could find other than diagnosing her with excema. After months of trial and error on my part I finally got it under control by washing her clothes, separate from mine and my husband's, in Dreft and double rinsing each load before I dried them. I also swapped to all Aveeno bath products as well as lotion. You've probably tried some form of this, but I just hated to not let you know what worked for Claire. She hasn't had anymore skin issues since I made the swap. She could have just outgrown the problem, or switching products could have done the trick. I'll probably never know though because I'm afraid to swap back HA! Anyway, I sure hope y'all get it figured out because I know how awful it is!!

God Bless,

Rebecca Jo said...

Bless his little heart!! that just looks miserable.

I would have been speeding too...

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