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Preschool advice needed

I am so not ready for this. But it's time to figure out my game plan for Charli Beth and I would like outside advice on what you all think I should I do.

At this moment I plan to send Charli to a Christian Academy for Preschool only, and then switch her over to the county school system for many reasons. The first being that I would not be able to afford Charli going to a "private" school for that long and the second is a social aspect.

None of Charli's little friends are attending this school because, well to be honest it seems that they want to follow everyone else. But that is not me, I do my own thing and pick what I think is best. {Not to offend anyone if they read this; which is doubtful that they will.}
Who my child is friends with at this age does not matter to me, I want her to be friends with everyone and experience as much as she can. If that makes sense?

Charli Beth has never attended a public daycare or learning center, whenever she was in a daycare it was in a home of someone who I thought we could trust. Turns out that they flipped us for a twirl and we were very stunned.
Anyways, I love the fact that at this academy Charli will be a smaller crowd and possibly have some "one on one" learning experiences. Which I think is wonderful. You can pick your child's schedule or what days they will be attending and they also let you do fundraisers to help you pay for their tuition. Which will be sooo very helpful for me since I am relying my "tax money" on this. Also, do I mention that it is a christian based school? =) huge plus.

The county school system does offer a preschool and they go 5 days week all day, just like the "big kids" do. Which I personally think is way to much for a 4 year old? They also have two different classes one is a class were parents pay for their kids tuition themselves, and the other is a government funded class. WHOA what the hello! I was just amazed whenever I first learned about this, and frankly, it ticked me off to think that my kids would be separated from the others. I am sure that the school is fabulous and children learn a lot from going there. But to begin with I was not happy with Charli going that much and getting burn out on it before she even enters Kindergarten. The only good thing about this sutaition at all is I could get the goverment funding to help out, but I truly don't think that I can stand with her being seperated just because I cannot pay their price?

If someone knows anything about this or can explain to me why they seperate these two classes please explain. I hate to call the board of education and get all "Durty Durty" with them before Charli Beth is ever in their schools! haha.

“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”
Proverbs 22:6


Kay said...

I don't know why they would seperate them?; when my oldest started school in your county,which was '05 I believe,they only took the kids that the government payed for & didn't offer it to anyone else,atleast that was my understanding,that was 5 yrs ago though & we've since moved not once but twice & my kid(s) no longer attend there,but I really did like the school better than some that my oldest has been in,they're nicer & way more involved,well I know this doesn't really help,so I'm gonna quit typing,lol!

Landen and family said...

I have no clue why they would seperate the kids either, but I don't wouldn't like it at all.

Landen goes to a preschool (4yr old) 3 days a week and he loves it. He did the 3 yr class last year 2x a week, but it took him a long time to get over his seperation issues. This year he loves it and asks why he can't go everyday (you can choose which days you want your child to go) He will be doing the 5 yr class next year because he has a summer birthday and I have signed him up for all 5 days for now. I can change if I feel the need to. He really really loves going and I love that the preschool we picked is a Christian one also. It's amazing some of the things he comes home talking about!!

Good luck!

heather said...

Good Luck! I wish I knew something to tell you but I don't. I gotta take Alyssa tomorrow to sign up for Kindergarden. I am so not ready and she says she doesn't want to go. we didn't do any daycare or preschool and now i wish we would have done something.she has been at home with me since birth,she is going to have a hard time. and i have my fears and concerns about school in general.i don't want her riding the bus and other stuff. anyway enough about us lol. good luck with whatever you decide.

Kendra said...

I actually did this. I went to a private school from preschool to third grade. I received such a variety of friends with this experience. Then when I switched to the public school I made all new friends but kept the old ones too. I still keep in contact with many people from both. I think this is a great idea. A lot of people do this. I do not think it is a bad idea at all.

Constant Family said...

I agree completly. I am really torn about what to do for Hunter. I really don't want him going to a five day a week preschool but then I also don't want to drive an extra 30 minutes getting all kids delivered. Decisions should not be this hard!! I am sure what ever decision you make will be wonderful!

Meant to be a mom said...

I went to a private school up until 3rd grade. I do and did make friends easily but it doesn't really matter I think unless you keep them in private school always. I sometimes felt left out once I was in public school because all the kids in my class had been friends since preschool. What happened to my brothers and I were when we went to the public school we were advanced compared to the other students. It took about a year of boredom and being the teachers helper before we ended up being in the same group (learning wise) as the other kids. I guess we just got more one on one with our teacher at the private school.
Either way, I'm average in grades now, nothing special. Probably from my public school. But I loved my public school.
Whatever you decide will be fine for Charli Beth. She will have friends and be smart either way.

Gina said...

My son started preschool when he was 2 and it was terrible at first. He cried all morning (at first he only went 1/2 days) and I felt awful. But his teachers were amazing. They made him a book of pictures of his classroom, the school, and each of them, so that I could use it to talk to him about it. At first, just looking at the photos made him cry but slowly, each day got better. By the time he was 2 and 1/2 he was going all day, three days a week. And he LOVES it. In fact, the other day, we were at Chuck E Cheese and he asked if he could go to school!!! This school is actually for kids with disabilities but they allow typically developing kids to go there too. So I had a GREAT feeling about it for a million reasons.

I have never heard of separating kids the way that the public school does. It surprises me that it's not against the law because it would certainly change certain things about the education.

That being said, I went to private school from first grade through college and now work in a public school. I think public schools have come a LONG way and in some ways, are even better than some private schools now.

Good luck making your decision. Are these your only two options?? Maybe you could find something in the middle? Keep us updated!

♥Kim said...

This is very interesting! I wouldn't know of course, but I would think she would make as many friends in private school as she would anywhere she attends. As far as the county seperating the two classes, I would agree with ya. It's totally not fair. I wouldn't want them to be seperated either. & besides like you said, I'd believe that's way to much for her so soon!!!
I'd stick with your first plan.
Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

Have you considered home-preschooling? More and more families are choosing this option, with great success. Some are even starting their own "preschool" co-ops where they plan activities with other families/take turns teaching. It's cheap, effective, and fun.
You can find out more about homepreschooling at my blog,

Becca said...

WHAT IN THE WORLD?! Separating them based on whether one can pay tuition or not is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard! I would not think that it would violate some sort of laws or something!!!

We are sending Autumn to a preschool at a church. She will go three days a week from 9-12. There is the option of sending her 5 days for her age group but like you, I think that will burn her out and is a little much. I was actually suprised to learn how cheap it is! Have you called around at any of the local churches to see if they offer a preschool program? I think sending Charli Beth to the private preschool and then sending her to public schools sounds like the way to go or at least what I would do. Best of luck with whatever you decide!

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